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David Addington’s Decidedly Un-Christian Lies about the “Christmas Tree Tax”

The war on Christmas started early this year, with a post from David Addington — yes, the same David Addington who participated in the vindictive outing of a CIA agent to score some political point, and authorized warrantless wiretapping of American phone lines without congressional oversight — charging that President Obama just “couldn’t wait” to […]

Are Atheists “Too Sensitive”? Let’s Flip the Question

HotAir flags another unsurprisingly short-sighted move by American Atheists: petitioning to change the name of a street — “Seven in Heaven Way,” named for seven local firefighters who died heroically on 9/11 — because it apparently signifies the State’s adoption of the Christian “Heaven” as an official public belief. For once, HotAir is partially right! […]

Republican Cognitive Dissonance, on Full Display

Congresswoman-elect Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) gives the weekly Republican address, which clocks in at an impressive three full minutes of policy: More impressive, still, is this baffling description of her platform: The American people want to see all the tax hikes stopped, and they won’t tolerate games that get in the way. [. . .] That’s […]

The War on Christmas Enters Adolescence: What To Do About “Grinch Alert”?

A Dallas Baptist church provides “Grinch Alert,” a website where you can “report” businesses and establishments that apparently offend Christians by failing to cater to the absurd belief that an entire season, somehow, belongs to fundamentalist Christians exclusively. My friend Evan (himself Jewish) suggests overwhelming the site, and diluting its effectiveness, by recommending synagogues as […]

Faith, Science and Allegories in James Cameron’s Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar is a good movie — but as a paean to a path we forsook long ago, it’s anything but subtle, and its approach to race may even be a little troubling, for the simplistic sort of apology it contains. Should we, as a race, feel personally guilty for the sins of our […]

Selfishness & the “War on Christmas”

This time last year, I argued that the right wing’s annual announcement of a “War on Christmas,” in which we hear about the evils of saying “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” betrays their own conception of the holiday, and the best part of the entire season, by instigating unnecessary conflict, rather than actually striving […]