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Pinning Violence on the Tea Party: Why It’s Okay to Blame the Victim

Left and right, the consensus on Brian Ross seems to be that the ABC anchor was far, far out of line when he confused the alleged Aurora, Colorado shooter with a Tea Party activist with a similar name. The Tea Party was certainly quick to play the victim card, with the right-leaning media running interference, and […]

In Praise of Professional Politicians

One of the Tea Party articles of faith holds that all politicians, but at least legislators, should hold their positions only as part time jobs, meet as few times as possible, and otherwise live normal lives, and hold normal jobs, so they understand the pressures of ordinary Americans and avoid falling prey to “Washington” sensibilities. […]

The Public in the Service of the Private

Some months ago, President Obama asserted — somewhat timidly — a proposition that should’ve been self-evident: that public regulation, public expenditure, and “big government” are not always, or even sometimes, the enemies of private enterprise. As in the case of upgrading the nation’s outdated air traffic control systems, a healthy national infrastructure, created by public […]

A New Birth of Freedom

I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while (especially while taking a break from writing over the last few weeks), and as an important one, it seems an altogether fitting topic with which to close 2011. In brief, it’s time for us to reclaim one of the most important words in our political vocabulary. […]

Reconciling Gingrich to His Tea Party

Allow me to surprise precisely no-one with the following: though bemused by his faux-intellectualism, something other sites are picking up on, too, we’re not big fans of Newt Gingrich here. In fact, I don’t think many people are. I once knew a director of his district office, who had nothing but bad to say about […]

The 99% Movement Isn’t (or Shouldn’t Be) About Identity Politics

Earlier this week, Politico ran a header casting insurgent liberal leader Elizabeth Warren as “a well-off voice for the poor,” and musing about how “her financial well-being will likely hand conservatives a new line of attack,” and could potentially hurt her reformist credibility. How? Why? Wealthy advocates for the poor are not exactly a new […]

“There Is No Class Here”

There exist some battles in American politics such that to fight them is to lose them. The Republican Party seems to have stumbled squarely into one of them — unrepentant defense of the rich. More’s the pity. Specifically, Politico spotlights not one but two examples of Republicans adopting the rhetoric, if not the solutions of […]

A Note on “Anti-Semitism” at Occupy Wall Street

Because the sentiment is blissfully relegated so far to the fringes of free society, charging a group with antisemitism remains the surefire way to de-legitimize any ideological bloc, however new or old. But it’s a hard charge to pin on Occupy Wall Street, the right side of the internet (e.g.) notwithstanding. Like any decentralized movement, […]

“Robert Bork is Still Relevant,” Says Robert Bork

From a Newsweek interview: How about the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment? Does he still think it shouldn’t apply to women? “Yeah,” he answers. “I think I feel justified by the fact ever since then, the Equal Protection Clause kept expanding in ways that cannot be justified historically, grammatically, or any other way. […]

Chris Christie Tries to Make My Point: More on Building Common Ground between OWS and the Tea Parties

My thanks, to the non-candidate: I think if you look at the Occupy Wall Street folks and the Tea Party folks, that they come from the same perspective, they just have different solutions. Especially because for this attempt to build some common ground, the Governor caught no small amount of flak. Per Beltway Confidential: But […]