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Stephen Colbert is the Best Revenge

Problem: Republican message-maker Frank Luntz realized that no-one likes Republican ideas (turns out)! Solution: get new ideas? No! Cover your bad ideas with enough misleading language, that no-one actually knows what you stand for! Well I don’t know about you, but when I saw this, I was livid. We expect a certain amount of “spin” […]

Specter of Torture Probe May Provide Cover for Health Care

While others have asked the comparatively tackier question — whether Ted Kennedy’s death itself will push Obama’s health care reforms forward — there’s reason to expect that, leading Democrats notwithstanding, Attorney General Holder’s decision to take the first steps towards prosecuting the perpetrators of torture couldn’t have come at a better time. As Congress left […]

National Review Highlights Five Health Care Freedoms “At Risk” — Do You Have Any of Them?

According to the National Review & Fortune, under the government’s proposed “public option” plan, you stand to lose five basic health care rights. But do you even have them, in the first place? 1. Freedom to choose what’s in your plan: Fortune & NRO worry that you’ll be forced to pay for a better, or […]

The “Mob Ad”: Persecution Complexes and a Failure in Messaging, with Some Fair Points in Between

Despite its 2008 successes, 2009 has already been a grim year for Democratic messaging. Yesterday’s “Mob Ad,” which made the rounds on conservative websites, drawing outrage, is no exception. Regardless of the ad’s factual merits, discussed below, the ad violates a prime rule of messaging, with no discernable excuse: it seems almost calculated to infuriate […]

Guest Post: For a Brief, Shining Moment, Pat Buchanan Looked Reasonable

Thanks to John Casker for providing this guest post! It’s amazing serendipity that ACG is looking for guest writers. I’ve spent the last four days fuming about two things: a Rachel Maddow clip that’s making the rounds, and the fact that for once I wish I had a soapbox to fume upon but don’t. Well […]

Lying to Protect Reagan’s Legacy

Truly remarkable.

Republicans Blame-Gaming their Way to 2010

Now that Al Franken is seated as the junior senator for Minnesota, apparently everything wrong with America is the Democrats’ fault: Rarely has anyone managed to cram so much dishonesty into such a short period of time. No-one is trying to eliminate the secret ballot. And editorials in small-town newspapers notwithstanding, the true impact of the […]

Understanding Our Audience: Why Iran Isn’t Russia

The conservative attempt to contrast Obama’s light (but waxing) condemnation of Iran with Reagan’s (apparently) fierce criticism of the Soviet Union precisely misses the point. Assume, for the sake of argument, that Reagan’s “tear down this wall” speech somehow directly impelled popular and official moves towards freedom in Russia. This point still remains: Iran is […]

Who’s Afraid of the White House Bully Pulpit?

Next week – in a reprise of candidate Obama’s late-campaign ’08 tactic – the White House will air on ABC an extensive primetime feature, “Questions for the President: Prescription for America,” laying out the Administration’s plans for healthcare. Some Republicans are bristling at the move, and for once, I understand their concern: when the government […]

Small Point – Sarah Palin a “Feminist” in Words, Not Deeds

Last week, David Letterman said some tacky things about Sarah Palin and her daughters, prompting some truly awful grandstanding on Palin’s part, a pointless protest, an eventual apology: By reason of her seeming crusade on sexist jokes, for which I do not fault her, you may be tempted to consider Palin a “true feminist,” with […]