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ObamaCare, and Continuing the Conversation

I like to think that some of you enjoy reading this site; to the extent that’s true, please accept my apologies for the prolonged hiatus. I’ve redesigned the site, and re-emphasized small posts, to make site management more sustainable with my new schedule, which includes new responsibilities at the new-ish job, and now a new […]


To those of you who enjoy reading this site, first, thank you. And second, my apologies for the longer-than-expected hiatus. I just took a new job with a, well, anonymous district attorney’s office, and some attendant tasks had to be completed that took up large swaths of my time. But that’s happily now at an […]

Congratulations Mike!

Please follow our friend and erstwhile political opponent, Mike, at his new home. We’ll link to his introductory post, his first substantive post, and his new home, League of Ordinary Gentlemen. Though we’re sparred on issues of policy — and I think he probably wishes me dead for my wholehearted embrace of one kind of […]

Your New Must-Read Site

It’s a rare privilege to be able to recommend a good friend’s work wholeheartedly. Much less two friends’ work. So I’m going to enjoy this. Julia Galef is one of my very most favorite people in the world, and one of the smartest I’ve had the privilege to get to know since moving to New […]

Apologies for a Light Week

Generally, I try to stack each day with two posts (at least), but this week, and a few other recent weeks, have broken that trend, for which I apologize. My only excuse is that working is hard. It is! Hopefully I’ll be back to a better schedule soon; in the meantime, consider this: New York’s […]

No Post this Morning — and Here’s Why:

Turns out this is only a temporary solution to a twisted MagSafe adapter. Sure was fun though.

How Oneiroi Saved the Blog

Thanks to Oneiroi for letting me know when the blog went absolutely berserk earlier today, on account of a few characters in a Twitter message. Thank you, Twitter widget, for nothing.

Blog Bug

There was supposed to be an awesome, substantive, thought provoking post this morning. WordPress did something to destroy it. My apologies to the readership — I try to keep one seriously awesome post up per day, and I didn’t mean to fail to deliver on that today. Soon!

Metablogging Censorship: Is It Ever the Right Call?

As most common readers will know, this blog, normally a pleasant and fairly civil place, has seen a not-so-subtle deluge from birther hordes, on account of our few posts on Orly Taitz. Thankfully, it’s also brought in a lot of inoffensive readers, and some great commenters, too. Welcome! Of course that leaves the question of […]

Good Luck to NY Bar Exam Students!

Today is the first day of the New York state bar exam, where future commercial litigators, appellate advocates, politicians, academics, and deal makers have to pretend to care about trusts, wills, the Rule Against Perpetuities, and divorce, while memorizing motion deadlines that any practitioner could easily look up, if they ever cared. The horror. Good […]