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Four Years of Radicalism

Todd Akin, Republican candidate for Senate in Missouri, more or less stands by the medieval view of female sexuality that’s caused him so much negative press this week. So does Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), a well-regarded but consistently crazy member of the Tea Party Caucus. But the boldness of these offensive, sexist, but commonly-held views […]

Knowing Ourselves

With the loss of Senator Olympia Snowe, the United States Congress continues to bleed moderates, even as Republican presidential hopefuls ramp up the language of division, in their attempts to unite the party behind the narrowest message possible. With the passing of time, we’re becoming more polarized, not less. Maybe we should talk about why. Especially […]

The Problem of the Palin Ponzi Scheme

Sarah Palin’s decision not to run could push her to the top of the vice presidential slate, where (with the right nominee) she could reprise her role as the extremist spoiler that tanked a mainstream candidate. Here’s hoping. But in the interim, all that’s certain is that she’s managed to successfully cash in on the […]

On Gratuitous Invocations of “Terrorists”: Or, How Joe Biden Broke Jonah Goldberg’s Brain

…such as it is. Goldberg, the boy who cried “Nazi,” flies into a rage over Democratic lawmakers’ reference to congressional Republicans as “hostage-takers,” budgetary “terrorists,” etc., and the media’s relative silence, compared to their heightened interest in recent overwrought Republican zealotry. Why the double standard, he asks? Because Republicans call Democrats “terrorists” all the damn […]

Internet Culture: Popularity, Conspiracies, and Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Last week, Conor Friedsdorf of The Atlantic wrote what I thought was a fairly charming vignette, of obviously limited factual value, about how he, along with two girls denied Harry Potter tickets, were the only attendees at the Orange County premiere of Sarah Palin’s comically titled new biopic, The Undefeated. Seriously, she lost in 2008. We […]

History as Myth

In light of Sarah Palin’s, well, “interesting” interpretation of American history — which describes Paul Revere galloping down the causeway, ringing bells and firing wildly into the air, to attract as much British attention as possible — Andrew Sullivan argues that history, to the Republicans, is just another creation myth to be manipulated for social purposes. […]

Fabius the Fool: Choosing a Roman Analogy for Today’s GOP

Jonah Goldberg does his level best to exhort the Republican Party to greatness, comparing the Democrats’ win in NY-26 to Caesar crossing the Rubicon — because, apparently, a great battle looms. But who’s Pompey? And who’s Caesar? Jonah’s not so sure. The analogy goes amiss because Pompey’s flaw wasn’t just waiting to take up arms […]

Sarah Palin’s Linguistic Trap: or, How to Score Off Your Colleague’s Mistakes

Subtle racism is a funny thing. When Newt Gingrich called Barack Obama the “food stamp president,” I think we all reasonably understood that he meant one of two things, orpossibly both. First, that the economy tanked on Obama’s watch, which isn’t really fair, but a Republican trope nonetheless. And second, we thought he might be […]


To Republicans, when the White House responds to trumped-up conspiracy theories, kept alive only by prospective 2012-ers desperate for relevance… …it’s their fault for trying to “distract” us.

What To Make of Donald Trump?

Forgetting for a moment that he’s crazy — a birther “politician” leading the Republican field, really? — there’s little that Trump adds to the ticket, and a lot he subtracts. The only thing I can tell that he adds, as the New York Post’s headliner for today seems to concede, is that he has just […]