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Compelled Speech & Abortion: Two Wrongs…

Here’s a “pro-life” victory we can celebrate, even if it inures to the benefit of some of the worst organizations known to man. A “crisis pregnancy center” is essentially a missionary outpost masquerading as a clinic. Designed to lure vulnerable women — resolved to seek an abortion, or as-of-yet undecided about how to respond to […]

Are Atheists “Too Sensitive”? Let’s Flip the Question

HotAir flags another unsurprisingly short-sighted move by American Atheists: petitioning to change the name of a street — “Seven in Heaven Way,” named for seven local firefighters who died heroically on 9/11 — because it apparently signifies the State’s adoption of the Christian “Heaven” as an official public belief. For once, HotAir is partially right! […]