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Moderates, Atheism, and Mutual Cooling in the Culture Wars

It’s fair to say I have mixed feelings on the atheist movement. On the one hand, more than a few of my closest friends count themselves as leading lights in skeptic circles, and the work they do, pushing back the fog of fundamentalism and bigotry, serves an invaluable counterweight to the type of religious militarism […]

The Death Penalty, Incremental Progress on the Avenue of Criminals, and Net Injustice

Responding to the Troy Davis execution, Ross Douthat does what he does best, offering an overthought response that manages to “raise a point” without actually addressing the central issue in the argument. Maybe that’s useful on some topics, but not really here. The argument: the death penalty, because it’s so terrible, generates justice by inspiring […]

Redeeming Bigotry

I see Ross Douthat as playing a particularly strange role in modern political discourse: when the right oversteps the bounds of polite society, and resorts to the politics of raw, unchanneled, and base emotions, Ross Douthat’s there to force a reading with some degree of intellectual respectability. The task isn’t always easy — and too […]

Diversity: How the Other Half Lives

Ross Douthat — who isn’t a moderate common-sense conservative but plays one in the NYT opinion pages — yesterday penned his latest overwrought defense of his party’s fringe, this time hoping to mainstream the right’s worrying rediscovery of reverse racism. For those just joining us, one of the right’s dominant narratives in the time since […]

Common Cause

I hoped I’d never have to write this post. But my God, Ross Douthat is close to right about something. Last week, South Park, in its inexorable quest to offend, sometimes for its own sake, sometimes to educate, met its match, when fringe elements of Islam threatened violence if the series was allowed to depict […]

“In Search of a Christian Nuance”

Now that he’s been elevated to The New York Times, our boy Ross Douthat apparently feels some need to prove himself literary. Good for him! But lately he’s found strange outlets for that instinct — you’ll recall he slammed “Avatar” as insufficiently Christian, or too anti-Christian, or something like that — and now he wonders […]

Faith, Science and Allegories in James Cameron’s Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar is a good movie — but as a paean to a path we forsook long ago, it’s anything but subtle, and its approach to race may even be a little troubling, for the simplistic sort of apology it contains. Should we, as a race, feel personally guilty for the sins of our […]

The Courage of His Convictions

Ross Douthat, speaking at an event in New York, was asked whether he supports gay marriage. The results were enlightening: At first Mr. Douthat seemed unable to get a sentence out without interrupting himself and starting over. Then he explained: “I am someone opposed to gay marriage who is deeply uncomfortable arguing the issue in […]

Watching the Watchers: Douthat’s Honest Critique of Judicial Review

Congratulations to Ross Douthat, writing at The New York Times, for doing what so few conservatives have even attempted: penning a compelling, honest, and bipartisan critique of judicial review. To be sure, this isn’t a novelty in American thought. In an earlier post here, we recapitulated the great debate between two law professors, Richard Fallon […]