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The Last Willie Horton Election

Sullivan’s Daily Dish collects comments explaining Romney’s complete reliance on mobilizing a near-unprecedented 61%+ of the white vote… and why it won’t every be possible again. The Romney-Republican strategy is the dark side of the older Republican strategy: the Reagan of hardline conservative Pat Buchanan rather than of public relations man Michael Deaver. It could still work […]

Four Years of Radicalism

Todd Akin, Republican candidate for Senate in Missouri, more or less stands by the medieval view of female sexuality that’s caused him so much negative press this week. So does Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), a well-regarded but consistently crazy member of the Tea Party Caucus. But the boldness of these offensive, sexist, but commonly-held views […]

Grow Up With the Country: the Value of Government Work in a Recession

I’ve been taking some time off — maybe you’ve noticed? — to acclimatize to a new life and a new job. The job, I think I’ve said, is as an appellate prosecutor for a New York metropolitan jurisdiction. It’s a great choice, for all parties involved: I get a chance to do what I really […]

In Santorum, Death or Vindication for Democracy?

Especially given Rick Santorum’s two recent wins, and headlines practically blaring Romney’s concomitant weaknesses, I tend to see the Republican primaries as proof of a problem without a solution: members of a democracy don’t always vote for the superior candidate. To be perfectly clear, I’m no fan of Mitt Romney. But I think it’s reasonable to […]

The Healthcare Mandate Contradiction

Virginia’s proposed law to require an invasive vaginal ultrasound before any abortion conducted in the state blissfully lies in ruins, the product of Governor McDonnell’s attempt to run away from the more extreme wing of his party, and back to comfortable territory from whence he can seek a vice presidential nomination. But leave it to […]

Let the King Reign

Yesterday’s Times profile on the history of that quintessentially American tradition — the peaceful, loyal succession — ought to raise a question for today’s Democrats. Has the tradition been followed in this administration, in fact as well as in form? And if not, what can we say about it? Consider Senator McCain’s dignified concession speech that night […]


Don’t miss Rolling Stone‘s long-form piece chronicling the sad saga of the Republican Party’s deliberate descent into economic malpractice. We need a reckoning.

The Republican Party as a Shakespearean Anti-Hero

Longtime readers will remember how much I enjoy the theater of politics, and its tendency to produce characters whose fortunes rise and fall in an almost Shakespearean fashion: like Macbeth or Othello, these are likable figures who somehow lose themselves, and everything they’ve built, based on one outsized character flaw. In years past, we’ve had […]

Has Occupy Wall Street Won?

While the right will happily delegitimize the 99% movement based on the excesses and failures of these particular messengers, the message, it seems, has landed precisely as it was intended. For one, this week’s New Yorker highlights a discovery Politico made earlier this month: “the use of the phrase ‘income inequality’ in the media has […]

Chemistry, Timing, and the Transformative Presidency

Certainly without knowing it, President Obama, in this pre-inaugural picture plucked from the New York Times, manages to pull off a fair impression of the famous classical statue, the Augustus of the Primaporta, matching almost perfectly the second Caesar’s raised arm, held either to indicate a more prosperous future and recovery from Rome’s century of civil […]