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Grow Up With the Country: the Value of Government Work in a Recession

I’ve been taking some time off — maybe you’ve noticed? — to acclimatize to a new life and a new job. The job, I think I’ve said, is as an appellate prosecutor for a New York metropolitan jurisdiction. It’s a great choice, for all parties involved: I get a chance to do what I really […]

Creative Destruction: the Bain Argument

For a first post back, I’d like to revisit a subject that I missed during my self-imposed exile: Newt Gingrich’s decision to try to flank Mitt Romney from the left as well as the right, but taking a few compelling shots at the latter’s business record. If this is something from which we’ve all moved […]

A New Birth of Freedom

I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while (especially while taking a break from writing over the last few weeks), and as an important one, it seems an altogether fitting topic with which to close 2011. In brief, it’s time for us to reclaim one of the most important words in our political vocabulary. […]

Chris Christie Tries to Make My Point: More on Building Common Ground between OWS and the Tea Parties

My thanks, to the non-candidate: I think if you look at the Occupy Wall Street folks and the Tea Party folks, that they come from the same perspective, they just have different solutions. Especially because for this attempt to build some common ground, the Governor caught no small amount of flak. Per Beltway Confidential: But […]

The Regulator’s Virtue

Echoing a somewhat broader trend, a city official in Washington, D.C. describes his theory of “mandatory” evacuations: You should never try to tell people what they ought to do, because all of their circumstances are different. But if you give them very good timely information, they are going to make their own decisions in ways, in […]

Moral Objections, and Legalizing Prostitution

For once, I’d like to pose a question without necessarily providing an answer: should prostitution be legal? As a general rule, I’m against the idea of women being used for sex, and as a result, I don’t like the idea of a world in which prostitution is legal, common, and not taboo. But legalization — or […]

Do They Believe in Anything Anymore? Did They Ever?

Evidence mounts that most Republicans with a record on the subject supported the individual mandate — socialism and fascism rolled into one, you’ll recall — before the GOP decided, arbitrarily, that this would be Obama’s “Waterloo.” Fortunately for them, demagoguery has no memory.

My God, They’re Standing By the “Shakedown” Line

It’s… beautiful. Although the Republican Party has been quick to officially run away from Joe Barton (R-TX)’s “apology” to Beyond Petroleum (loving the rebrand right about now), some at Politico note that the sentiment, in all likelihood, runs pretty deep, as a few anecdotes from the Party’s more radical (and therefore popular) politicians indicate. Amid […]

The Middle Way Forward for Environmentalism

Make no mistake, the oil spill, now infecting almost all of America’s Gulf Coast, is a true disaster, one that it is, perhaps, impossible to overstate. It should also signal an end to some peculiarly exploitative tactics — like offshore drilling, that fevered dream of Republicans, and bizarre concession given by Democrats — and a […]

Tea Party Populism Falling Markedly Short

An excerpt from my Friday afternoon: “Hi, [senior associate].” “Hi, [author].” “So as you know, the SEC is suing Goldman Sachs on the theory that rather than supporting their CDO, as its managers explained Goldman’s role to investors, the CDO’s managers actually let Goldman pick purposefully risky investments, so Goldman would wind up fleecing th–” […]