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Romney the Content-Free Candidate: It’s a Feature, Not a Bug

Ben Domenech is a former low-level speechwriter for George W. Bush’s cabinet, and a plagiarist.  He’s also one of the leading voices of the conservative blog network. Here’s what he has to say about Mitt Romney’s debate performance tonight: Considering that President Obama is up against it in the polls, I expect him to pull […]

In Praise of Infrastructure

We can (and surely will) debate whether Keynesian economics, and the massive (but planned) government spending it entailed, pulled America out of the Great Depression. Query whether that’s besides the point. There are few that argue it hurt the recovery effort, and in the process, the plan employed thousands, electrified the Tennessee Valley, and otherwise […]

McCain’s Flawed Defense of his Hyper-Negative Campaign

In last night’s debate, after a startlingly effective beginning, the tide began to turn against McCain when he struggled to backtrack from his hyper-negative presidential campaign by pushing mutually contradictory messages: (1) “I’m trying to run a positive campaign,” but (2) “Obama’s a risky terrorist-loving socialist.” It did not go over well. Even more pathetic […]

One Hit Wonder

Like Dexy’s Midnight Runners, John McCain started off tonight’s debate strong, and utterly failed to follow through. This was, without a doubt, his best debate performance, and Barack Obama’s worst: right off the bat, by CNN’s “instapoll” indicators and simple gut reaction, McCain pummeled Obama. In the face of an aggressive assault, the latter quickly […]

Not With a Bang, but a Whimper

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: “McCain needs a game changer.” Tired from repetition, perhaps, but no less valid. As tonight is the last time John McCain will have an opportunity to fling lies at Barack Obama’s face – as opposed to his preferred strategy of lying behind his back, preferably through intermediaries […]

I’m Calling It; and, the Consequences of Victory (Part One)

No, not the debate, the election. John McCain needed a game-changing debate, or a strong performance to remind the American people that he stands for more than just opposing Barack Obama. He did not deliver it (transcript). Barack Obama maintained a statesmanlike presence and, except when the Republican dropped some of the more egregious misstatements […]

McCain Draws First, Snarky Blood

“Nice to see you at a town hall meeting, Senator Obama,” followed immediately by a claim that the most important qualification for a secretary of the treasury is likability. John, that may be how you pick your running mate, but that’s not how we run a country.

The Second Presidential Debate: What to Look For Tonight

Last week, the vice presidential candidates exhibited a degree of finesse, polish, and (yes) coaching, as both Sarah Palin & Joe Biden strained to avoid their own personal weaknesses. Palin, obviously, had to struggle to stay on-topic and not look ridiculous, while Joe Biden tried to limit his frequent abuse of the word “literally” (invented […]

Not a Game-Changer

Good for her; Sarah Palin beat the spread (she could hardly have failed to!). However, taking a novel & interesting narrative direction (for a change), the media, in their initial reactions at least, are parsing the debate into two separate questions: (1) whether Palin reclaimed her dignity and; (2) independent of the first question, whether […]

Debate Open Thread

The GOP responds to Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric and rapidly declining poll numbers: a Dr. Horrible rip-off in one act. DRAMATIS PERSONÆ: DR. HORRIBLE: Sarah Palin BAD HORSE: Karl Rove BAD HORSE DANCERS: Fox & Friends EVIL LEAGUE OF EVIL: Republican Party So what do you think? Did Bad Horse approve?