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Towards an “Obama Doctrine”: the Efficient Hegemon

I’ve recently acquired a decent respect for Joe Scarborough. He seems, to a certain extent, to defy easy labeling as another mouth of the hydra-headed, but uniformly extreme, Republican Party (e.g.). But that respect has its limits. In a Politico op-ed, Scarborough asks where the liberal outrage is over Libya — he apparently reads neither […]

Politico Catches Gingrich In a Clear Lie; Acquits

Generally the heart of hackery on the political internet, Politico occasionally does something right. Here, they’ve caught Newt Gingrich (first) basically calling Obama a coward for not imposing a no-fly zone over Libya, and (second) criticizing the President for doing just that. Politico explains: It’s hard to know with Gingrich whether his penchant for this sort […]

Politico: “So Much For Civility”

The story here isn’t the Republican reaction — abrupt, and tacky (Broun (R-GA): “Mr. President, you don’t believe in the Constitution, you believe of socialism.”) — but Politico‘s coverage of it. The fallout of the middling backlash against incivility appears to be greater vigilance… even from hack publications like Politico.

Politico’s Experiments in Sophistry

Continually walking a tightrope between analysis and commentary, while continually deflecting error towards conservative positions, Politico crossed a line Monday with its headline on the most recent WikiLeaks dump: “WikiLeaks target: American power.” For this, the “news” publication deserves to join O’Reilly in the pantheon of hyperbolic overreaction. Neither the record, nor Politico‘s own story, […]

That Which She Left Behind

In speculating on Sarah Palin’s success as a “national politician” seeking to break past the media filter, Ben Smith of Politico gives the right answer — she’s had none. Sarah Palin [is] by far the most fluent politician in the new social media, a figure totally at ease in the culture. But the thing is, […]

Oversimplifying the Bench — Again

Yesterday, Politico purported to cover a “controversy” over Goodwin Liu, a young, brilliant law professor recently appointed by President Obama to the Ninth Circuit. The appointment, of course, is stalled, because to the Republican Party, nothing — not staffing the TSA, or filling the federal bench — could possibly be as important as revitalizing the […]

Our Zapp Brannigan

From John Boehner (R-OH): Less than a week after the Massachusetts special election, the Obama administration is vowing to ‘stay the course’ and double down on the same costly, job-killing policies that are leaving America’s middle-class families and small businesses high and dry. Also, if we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will […]

Politico Slyly Legitimizes Glenn Beck

Yesterday, Glenn Beck aired a new “documentary,” “Revolutionary Holocaust,” which, with the assistance of noted revisionists like Jonah Goldberg, attempted to trace the modern progressive movement’s origins through Nazism, communism, and other historical horrors. The attacks aren’t new, nor are their easy rebuttals. That Hitler pushed for universal healthcare (just like Obama!) conveys about as […]

The Use of Narratives in History: the Ancient Streak in “Game Change”

Heilemann and Halperin’s Game Change hit book stores with all the fanfare we’ve come to expect from a campaign postmortem in the modern era — villains are vilified, careers threatened by non-events, and the game not so much changed as reinforced. Even the particulars are unsurprising: the Clintons are painted as defeated Machiavellians, and Palin […]


I’ll give them this one. Politico, on the news that Palin will join a popular conservative motivational speaking tour: Palin’s topic is “achievement.”