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Absolute Certainty Is Scientific

But only because it’s necessary when dealing with a public taught to distrust science, and read scholarly uncertainty as a vulnerability to be exploited for political gain, not for further evidence-based research. For the Wall Street Journal, Dan Botkin argues otherwise, claiming that when climate change activists (or scientists in support of the cause) claim […]

Today’s Thin Excuses for Scientific Denialism

No-one is more surprised than me by the vocal, negative reaction we’re seeing among conservatives actually offended by the charge that their candidates, especially Rick Perry, are “anti-science.” I rather thought this would be a point of pride; isn’t “mainstream science” an “elitist” liberal construct? In any event, the counter-offensive, supplied by the National Review‘s Rich Lowry, goes […]

The Federal Duty to Standardize Reality

I’m not really surprised to hear Michele Bachmann (R-MN) insisting that schools should follow local policy when designing curricula, even and especially when that means teaching intelligent design. She’s obviously wrong — schools should teach science, not clever P.R. schemes –and it’s not like we don’t expect anti-intellectual pandering from her, as she flits from […]

Science and the Public: the Prevalence of Discredited Mythology

Observers on the modern era will agree that one of the greatest weaknesses of democracy is the public’s inability to responsibly discuss science. As an example, this week saw the release of a study conclusively refuting the alleged “link” between vaccines and autism, and revealing England’s Dr. Wakefield, the originator of this pernicious lie, as […]

A Scientific Explanation for Creationists

And global warming deniers, and other adherent to those pernicious scientific minority views, that curiously become political plurality views. From a commentator on the study: The authors [of a new study] favor a model, called the cultural cognition of risk, which “refers to the tendency of individuals to form risk perceptions that are congenial to their […]

Deaf as Adders

Caleb Howe of RedState, a downright decent guy writing for a den of vipers, was shocked and appalled that I wasn’t shocked and appalled by his Saturday post on global warming, here. Unfortunately, I was too sick on Saturday to read much of anything, and thus had to miss it. Thankfully for Caleb, this also […]

Climate Change: “Facts are Stubborn Things…”

With the recent rash of climate change “scandals” — none of which actually altered the overwhelming scientific consensus in favor of anthropogenic global warming’s existence — conservatives have been, lately, chipping away at the public perception of this issue’s fierce immediacy. Texas Governor Rick Perry’s attempt to litigate the matter, however — a quixotic quest […]

Who Speaks for Science? Salon’s Critique of Science in Popular Culture Goes Too Far

Here and elsewhere, progressive commentators have noted the downfall of America’s respect for science — all the more troubling because of the central role scientific leadership played in establishing and maintaining American hegemony throughout the twentieth century. In blaming popular culture in general, however, rather than a few bad apples, Salon, and the authors of […]

Full Fourth Circuit Upholds Virginia Late-Term Abortion Ban

Two years ago, the Supreme Court, in Gonzales v. Carhart, 550 U.S. 124 (2007), upheld the Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003, relying on pure emotion and hopelessly flawed science to conclude that late-term abortions were never necessary to preserve the health of the mother. Today, in Richmond Med. Ctr. v. Herring, the Fourth Circuit […]

Top GOP Contenters for 2012 Still Mostly Creationists

Back in February, we reported that the potential frontrunners for the nomination in 2012 – Jindal, Palin, Pawlenty, Sanford – were all creationists. Well, good news/bad news time: while the field has changed, slightly, the supermajority are still creationists. Huckabee,  Palin, and Pawlenty are obvious, on the record, and proud of their ignorance. Potential dark […]