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iPhone Metaphysics

Today wound up being fairly busy, so in lieu of something more political, I encourage those of you with iPhones to take this common error screen as life advice. Our past mistakes made us who we are today so, there’s nothing to undo. Alternately, live life well, so that there’s nothing to undo. Sage little […]

Sick Day Photos

Is it possible to be allergic to fall? If not, I think I have a cold. So, in lieu of anything requiring complicated thought, of which I am certainly incapable today, enjoy this picture of graffiti found just north of Canal Street, which I take as a hipster reduction of Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It.” Of […]

The View from Wall St. & Water

I asked them how long they were going to stick around: apparently, until the current moves them away.

Happy Independence Day, from New York

I’m counting today as a vacation day, too. But, happy Independence Day!

Snow Day!


Snow Day!

There are useful discussions pending here — some where, in fact, my response is overdue, and I commend those continuing, and apologize to those who may feel their comments and ideas have gone unanswered. But we will return shortly! Until then, if you have the chance, enjoy the nice parts of winter, and the holiday […]

New York Remembers

While the rest of the country debates whether the damage done to our city prevents newcomers from ever calling it “home,” the city remembers in quiet dignity. Shot from my roof deck. The building closed it for… inexplicable reasons, but not if you know how to get to the back stairway! Similar shots below the […]

The Real Problem

Better pens than mine — well, more popular pens at least — have noted that Muslims regularly worship in the Pentagon, mere meters from the site of the impact that destroyed one side of the gigantic building. And, my Google Maps notes the presence of about 5 mosques within a quick drive of the Pentagon […]

To Quiet Weekends

Enjoy yours!

Photoblog Friday

Litigation emergency compels late night research, and many wars have been fought on this site this week. So, lay down your burdens. These were shot from the Acela over Baltimore (hence the absurd shutter speed). Baltimore has sort of a Fallout 3 feel to it, doesn’t it? I refrain from further commentary. No, I didn’t […]