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Hoffman Links to Birther Site in Supporter E-Mail

In an e-mail sent to supporters earlier today, Doug Hoffman pledged to strategize for his 2010 campaign over the holidays. But the prospect already looks bleak. At the end of the e-mail, Hoffman gives his supporters an “update” on important “news” articles — prominent among them, a link to prominent “Birther” site, “Citizen Wells.” What’s […]

Removal of Jurisdiction: the Solution to the “Birthers”

It’s almost a truism that the resources of the federal judiciary are precious, and not to be squandered needlessy. In habeas review of state convictions, for example, we bend over backwards to keep potentially duplicative litigation out of the federal courts, in deference to cost, and notions of federalism. But what of those latest paradigms […]

Victory over TexasDarlin?

Since the PUMAs have long since lost whatever relevance they once had, I haven’t paid attention to them in a while — and I doubt you have, either. Good! But you might be interested to know that “TexasDarlin,” erstwhile Hillary fan, originator of the legal “theories” now used by birthers like Orly Taitz and, now, […]

The Racist Origin & Core of the “Birther” Movement

The title of this post should surprise few ordinary, non-conspiracy-theorist citizens, and may not even surprise that many in the birther rank & file. After all, the premise of the birther movement draws its strength from a belief that President Obama is an “other” — different, and therefore inferior. Of course, if President Obama were […]

The “Mob Ad”: Persecution Complexes and a Failure in Messaging, with Some Fair Points in Between

Despite its 2008 successes, 2009 has already been a grim year for Democratic messaging. Yesterday’s “Mob Ad,” which made the rounds on conservative websites, drawing outrage, is no exception. Regardless of the ad’s factual merits, discussed below, the ad violates a prime rule of messaging, with no discernable excuse: it seems almost calculated to infuriate […]

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Birthers?

Listen very carefully, because I’m only going to say this once. I think MSNBC was a little too rough on Orly Taitz in this interview: MSNBC’s tactic in this interview appears to have been to interrupt Taitz, and throw enough embarrassing facts at her, to force her to totally and completely lose it. Call it […]

“Call Me: Orly Taitz … Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Tooth, Legal, and Shelter Related”

As loyal readers … or anyone who happened to see Monday afternoon’s post knows, our fearless leader is feverishly preparing himself for a two-day stint in Chelsea next week, where he will dazzle and amaze the New York State Board of Law Examiners with a singularly brilliant performance on his bar examination. I am sure […]

Birthers Start to Look Like Tacky, Cheap Versions of Creationists

Before he was sent to federal prison for tax fraud, the infamous creationist “Dr. Dino” (Kent Hovind) had a standing offer – $250,000 to anyone who could prove the validity of the theory of evolution. Of course, the terms of the “proof” were rigged to foreclose any possibility of collecting the award, unless you had […]

Always File Court Documents with a Court: Birther “Attorney” Defeated by Her Own Ignorance

For some time now we’ve been criticizing the abject stupidity of the “birthers,” those attorneys and hangers-on determined to prove that President Obama is, somehow, a “half-breed Muslin,” ineligible for the office he legally holds. Some of you – I’m looking at you, deranged single-issue commenters – didn’t believe me. Well, the verdict’s in. Last […]

Is the Birth Certificate “Controversy” Over?

For quite some time now, we here have reported on the right wing-invented “controversy” over whether Barack Obama is, in fact, the President. Short recap: spurred on by WorldNetDaily, a sad, angry little cadre of far-right bloggers and correspondence school lawyers filed a number of lawsuits demanding to know whether Obama is a “natural born […]