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Guest Post: Obama Needs to Accept His Role as Goatherd in the Health Care Debate

This guest post was submitted by a reader who wishes to be known as “Marlowe.” We thank him for his contribution. I don’t have my own blog. I am no policy wonk. I am just a working stiff with a family, and I happen to read this blog during lunch. But I am worried: worried […]

The Banks Stressed? Fuhgeddaboudit!

This week, the Obama Administration and Wall Street successfully negotiated exactly how much it will cost to restore a warm and fuzzy feeling to the domestic economy: $75 billion. (That includes the cost to ship a rainbow-colored unicorn to every American household!) The stress tests were a nice exercise meant to make everyone — especially […]

Obama’s Got a Banking Problem — And It Ain’t TARP

[Note: This version updates the “corrected” version posted 3:14 p.m. EDT which incorrectly exchanged Ben Nelson [D-NE] for Bill Nelson [D-FL] as having voted “Nay” on Senate Amendment 1014. I was correct the first time around, and this is what I get for triple- and quadruple-guessing myself.] Let’s travel back in time, shall we, to […]

Torture: Bush Apologists Answer the Wrong Question

President Obama’s decision to publish another round of “torture memos” – documents justifying and authorizing the use of torture against assorted War on Terror detainees – seems to have had the unanticipated effect of flushing out right-wing justifications for the practice. Apparently, Dick Cheney will happily dump as many state secrets as possible, if they […]

Um, He Wasn’t Kidding: Obama Talks Cars

Anyone who doubts a modern politician can tell it like it is ought to read Obama’s remarks on the American auto industry. Over the past year, our auto industry has shed over 400,000 jobs …. More than one in 10 Michigan residents is out of work. …. Year after year, decade after decade, we’ve seen […]

That Was Fast: David Brooks Calms Down; PLUS: A GRAPH!

Yesterday I wrote about David Brooks’ slide into hysteria over the gluttonous ruin threatening to swallow all that is good and right about America. I (and the incisive commentators to my post) were not the only people to feel umbrage at Brooks’ portents. In his column today, Brooks summarizes his conversations with senior members of […]

Obama Ratings High, But Caution Advised

There’s nothing wrong with circumspection. Caution is my default filter. Eight years of W. and Darth Cheney, war, a turbulent election, and an economic crisis have honed my processing and investigative skills. Of course, there are no Pulitzer or Dick-Tracy-private-eye awards on my horizon, but I can safely say I keep myself pretty well informed. […]

Houston, We Have a Plan.

And Phoenix, and Miami, and Los Angeles, and Las Vegas … and all communities drowning in foreclosures. On Wednesday, Obama announced his admini-stration’s plan to stabilize the housing market. The stock market didn’t love the plan, but it didn’t hate it either, the Dow closing even. I’m sick, sad, and sorry that the country is […]

Live Blogging General Debate Before House Votes on Stimulus Bill

11:30 a.m. — The House is beginning 90 min. of general debate. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) is asking that the debate time be increased an hour. David Obey (D-WI) says that the House already voted on the rules for the debate. There is now discussion about whether the Democrat conference report should be considered since it […]

Economic Stimulus: It Might Not Be the End of the World (UPDATED)

Senators Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Susan Collins (R-ME) are the marquis names leading the bipartisan negotiations on the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act in the Senate. The past two weeks have seen Republican House and Senate members on the floor and talk-show circuit pointing out every nickle and dime of purportedly wasteful, non-stimulus spending. Sadly […]