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In Comparing PUMA Reactions to Sarah Palin and Sonia Sotomayor, the Expected Hypocrisy Emerges

For some time now, the PUMAs – those female Hillary supporters who let their bitterness, hate, and (yes!) racism trump reason during last year’s presidential election – have been free to simultaneously pursue their twin goals of (1) boosting women politicians, without regard to their qualifications, and (2) trashing Barack Obama. Hitherto, these goals have […]

What’s in a Name: Why “the Confluence” is NOT a Liberal Blog

What’s in a name? For the judges of the 2008 Weblog Awards, who saw fit to designate “The Confluence” as one of 2008’s “best liberal blogs,” apparently not much. Confluence is part and parcel of that pernicious mind-virus known as PUMA-ism, a pseudo-political ideology group of angry people and hangers-on whose only goal, since June […]

TexasDarlin Gives Up the Ghost

Don’t cry for her, America: “TexasDarlin” is just one more of the *ahem* “millions” of PUMA bloggers who spent the entire election dragging Obama’s name through the mud not for his substantive policies, but based on scurrilous rumors of his non-native birth while simultaneously accusing him of (1) being a Muslim and (2) having a […]

PUMAs Totally Lose It

I know, I know; maybe that happened a while ago. But, I have to say this – posting tons of crazy pictures is not election coverage. It’s a barely concealed slide into despair. And that actually makes me sad. PUMAs, I won’t miss your irrational hate for Senator President-Elect Obama, but I have an offer […]

PUMA Chow: McCain’s Deceitful Mailer to Hillary Women in Pennsylvania

In a new mailer being distributed in Pennsylvania, John McCain tries to cast himself as heir to the Hillary legacy. The mailer (images below the line) features Sarah Palin prominently (a bold move, considering her plummeting numbers), and offers her as proof that McCain “share[s] Hillary Clinton’s goal of promoting women to more important roles […]

Fox News: In the Tank for the Far, Lunatic Right

We’ve written here, and abroad, extensively about the fake controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Aside from the small matter that litigation on Obama’s “ineligibility” is a nonjusticiable issue for the FEC, not private voters, Obama has produced his birth certificate. CAN WE GO HOME NOW? Apparently, no: running out of positive stories about conservative […]

Lazy Sunday: Joe Biden Shrugs Off a Partisan Reporter, and Correcting Some Serious Legal Misunderstandings

First, everyone should see this video: though the right may spin this as “Angry Joe Biden on the attack,” what the interview below demonstrates is an ability to deal with scurrilous issues gracefully and with all the respect they deserve. Florida conservatives fed their interviewer biased questions that assumed the truth of McCain’s talking points, […]

Philip J. Berg’s Lawsuit: Dismissed

While this won’t be news for those of you who read Yes to Democracy (I post there too, you know!), it bears repeating here: the lawsuit filed by 9/11 Truther Philip J. Berg, attempting to get Barack Obama kicked off the ballot because he’s “not a citizen,” was dismissed with prejudice last night. ((“With prejudice” […]

PUMAs Are Dead

Salon, reviewing the media’s greatest mistakes of 2008: “Guess what? For all the PUMA nonsense that filled the airwaves over the summer… Obama is beating McCain by a 91-to-5-percent margin among self-identified Democrats.” Nate Silver concurs: the PUMAs never mattered, but they made a good story for CNN & Fox, so they were happy to […]

Join or Die: PUMAs Misrepresent the State of the Law

After last night’s debate, in which both McCain and Obama gave rather full answers to the complex question of abortion, PUMA apologists are out in full force, defending against the claim that John McCain will overrule Roe v. Wade. They argue that because (1) the Court has already had the chance to overrule Roe and […]