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Let the King Reign

Yesterday’s Times profile on the history of that quintessentially American tradition — the peaceful, loyal succession — ought to raise a question for today’s Democrats. Has the tradition been followed in this administration, in fact as well as in form? And if not, what can we say about it? Consider Senator McCain’s dignified concession speech that night […]

Mitch Daniels Wades Into the Muck, Following McCain’s Now-Cold Tracks

Here’s the best indication yet that Mitch Daniels will run for President: he’s already started mortgaging his values. Despite his promise of a “truce,” Daniels issued a statement on Friday affirming that he would sign a bill de-funding Planned Parenthood, should the bill cross his desk. Promising to commit political capital to a divisive, pointless, […]

John McCain Probes the Contours of the Judicial Debate

From an e-mail to supporters: Today, I’d like to ask your opinion about the type of nominee you would like to see replace Justice Stevens. Country First PAC has prepared a short, three-question survey and I encourage you to share your opinion by following this link. It’s a lovely little push-poll, designed to reinforce the […]

John McCain’s Old Habit

At the best of times, John McCain is a good man — even a great one. But the sad truth is that much of the moral fiber that makes him great, and distinguishes him from the vast swath of his party, seems to come and go with the political cycle. An example. After winning the […]

Fears of a Backslide

America’s briefly improving relationship with war is in danger of a serious backslide — all thanks to a single abortive attack on an airliner. The would-be bomber apparently had ties with a number of former Yemeni Guantanamo detainees, released during the Bush years and known to have returned to terrorism. Although some former detainees have […]

Republican Party Fails its Own Test

For the Republican Party, the gap between image and reality widened again yesterday, with the RNC’s decision to promulgate a “test” for whether or not a candidate can be properly termed a “Republican,” and receive the party’s blessing. Apparently, following a bit of complex calculus derived by Pres. Reagan himself, any candidate ought to meet […]

Choosing the Villain

Do we forgive John McCain for unleashing the horror that is Sarah Palin on an unsuspecting world? In my mind, yes — but for Andrew Sullivan, the answer is a resounding no: If [McCain] had any sense of responsibility, he would resign. And if the Washington media had any sense of responsibility, it would never […]

Republicans to Respect: John McCain

It seems almost an oxymoron these days. But a recent e-mail to supporters, questioning current health care proposals, puts Senator McCain (R-AZ) head and shoulders above his compatriots in honesty. He pushes the urgency of healthcare, and some values that he shares with the Democrats — After a month of hosting and attending town hall […]

John McCain is a Far, Far Better Man than Any of his Constituents

Story of his political career — and especially the last election. In a better world with a better Republican Party, he would’ve made a fine President for 2000-2008. But seriously, who are these people? I look at town hall-goers like this woman, claiming that spending money is unconstitutional just because they disagree with its use, […]

Election 2008, Five Weeks Later: Rev. Wright & Joe the Plumber

Although both issues are moot, yesterday there were two big stories on two of Election 2008’s biggest non-candidate “characters,” Joe the Plumber & the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. First, ABC played the ad that the McCain camp prepared, but never aired, indicting Barack Obama for his connection with Jeremiah Wright: I’m unsure of the damage this […]