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Four Years of Radicalism

Todd Akin, Republican candidate for Senate in Missouri, more or less stands by the medieval view of female sexuality that’s caused him so much negative press this week. So does Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), a well-regarded but consistently crazy member of the Tea Party Caucus. But the boldness of these offensive, sexist, but commonly-held views […]

“There Is No Class Here”

There exist some battles in American politics such that to fight them is to lose them. The Republican Party seems to have stumbled squarely into one of them — unrepentant defense of the rich. More’s the pity. Specifically, Politico spotlights not one but two examples of Republicans adopting the rhetoric, if not the solutions of […]

A Look at the “Forgotten 15”: Does the GOP’s Radical Deregulation Agenda Actually Create Jobs?

It’s not hard to see why Republicans do so well on Twitter: in a forum that limits debate to 140 characters, there’s no room for principled disagreement, shades of grey, or arguments backed up by facts. It’s the perfect environment for unsubstantiated talking points like, “drill baby drill!”, “Where’s the birth certificate?”, and the Republican […]

What Boehner’s Caucus Can’t Do

If he can’t do it now, he never will. The beauty of Speaker Boehner’s cave — agreeing to continue funding Planned Parenthood and “ObamaCare,” as of this 11 PM, early report — is that it describes the parties’ negotiating posture in all other high stakes conflicts likely to arise. Here’s what we know: the GOP […]

It’s Not About the Deficit

Nor has it ever been. It’s about wounding the President, and scoring some culture war victories along the way. Once again, the Republican Party fails to be serious where it really counts.

Boehner, with Laserlike Focus on Job Creation, Will Fight the Gays

Probably, at least. Because somethings are apparently more important than the economy.

Politics is No Longer About Leadership

John Boehner embraces the neo-populist extreme: it’s the people’s sovereign right to be wrong about everything, even important things, and not Washington’s job to correct them. Rather, opinion leaders should let the people live in a fantasy world: Some people believe that Obama, a native of Hawaii, was born outside the United States. There is […]

Word-Counting Strikes Again

Totally called it. John Boehner, criticizing a State of the Union address shot through-and-through with acknowledgments of American exceptionalism, for failing to use the word. This was foreordained from the moment Michele Bachmann conspicuously dropped the word in her speech, the way a seventh grader deploys SAT vocabulary: generically. In the following, trade the word “exceptionalism” for […]

The Danger Behind Republican Constitutional Storytime Moment

Like a middle school sleepover, House Republicans will begin their tenure in the 112th Congress with a good cry and storytime, where members will alternate reading the Constitution aloud to each other. It’s one of the more pathos-laced moments ever planned in modern politics, and concerning for what it says about the national discourse on […]

Health Care Repeal Docketed: Why?

We’re one day from the opening of the new Congress, with its Republican-dominated lower House, and Boehner’s caucus has already docketed a January 12th vote on a resolution supporting the repeal of the President’s key healthcare reform bill. Don’t miss the official, campy title: “Instructing certain committees to report legislation replacing the job-killing health care law.” […]