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Inferring from Aberration: How the Culture War Magnifies

Several point to an absurd incident out of Pennsylvania, where Judge Mark Martin recently acquitted a criminal defendant of assault because his victim, Ernie Perce, was dressed as a “zombie Mohammed,” thereby (apparently) provoking the assault. An excerpt from the trial transcript, as reported by another blog: Whenever it is very common, their language, when […]

Two Fundamentalisms

How is this distinguishable from Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson’s brand of Christianity? Allah has struck New York and the capital city Washington by an earthquake as a punishment for their disbelief. Falwell and Robertson on the 9/11 attacks, remember: Full text: I really believe that the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and […]

The Realization That Wasn’t

Andrew Sullivan chronicles one Christian’s attempt to come to grips with the fallout from the past month’s shooting in Norway, where a self-styled Christian, right-wing extremist killed nearly 100 innocents as part of a quest to purge Europe of Islamic influences and culture. Here, the subject of Sullivan’s story “had truly believed that Muslims were really bad […]

The National Review Still Hates Muslims — All of Them

With a bizarre little column last Friday, the National Review did what Barack Obama would not, and thoroughly and nastily “spiked the football,” not against jihadism, but against Islam itself. The aggressive closing assertion — “the Mahdi is not coming” — caps a confused essay that attempts to leverage Bin Laden’s death to assert our […]

That Which Remains (To Be Done)

It’s too soon to tell how much Osama bin Laden’s death will alter the war on terror, and how much it will matter overall. Certainly more than a little, but maybe less than a lot. We’ve avenged ourselves as a nation, and proved that the reach of American justice is long, and its administration summary […]

The Trouble With Banning Foreign Law: It’s Anti-Business

A Slate article on the right’s new jihad against shar’ia law points to a weird device: a proposed uniform act, titled the American Law For American Courts Act, which purports to eliminate any court or arbitration panel’s ability to rely on law “that would not grant the parties affected by the ruling or decision the […]

Detention as a Model for American Values

Because I found myself in D.C. until late last night — for this event, which was nothing less than amazing — I lack time to write what I’ve wanted to for some time. Stay tuned! In the alternative, don’t miss this post on Andrew Sullivan’s recently re-sited blog: All war is unspeakable – but there […]

The Price and Command of Exceptionalism

At issue in debates over our conduct with foreign nations, and our commitment to the rule of law despite the war on terror, is the critical question of whether “American exceptionalism,” a term the right wields like a sword to argue that our chief executive shortchanges our future everytime he so much as speaks with […]

There’s No Two Ways About It: Terry Jones Has Blood on his Hands

Though the reaction is somewhat delayed, a mob in Afghanistan finally heard of Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ Koran-burning stunt… and marched on a United Nations compound to avenge the incident, killing twelve. Jones, in response, insists on two things: first, that this isn’t his fault. And second, that it proves, conclusively, that Muslims can’t be […]

Amateur Hour: Conservatives Tackle Pullman Abstention

Charming. In reading up for the prior post, I was struck with the misfortune of having to load Pamela Geller’s hate blog for long enough to be able to copy a link from the address bar. Try as I might to avoid it, a single word caught my eye: “abstention.” Huh? Is America’s most vitriolic […]