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Four Years of Radicalism

Todd Akin, Republican candidate for Senate in Missouri, more or less stands by the medieval view of female sexuality that’s caused him so much negative press this week. So does Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), a well-regarded but consistently crazy member of the Tea Party Caucus. But the boldness of these offensive, sexist, but commonly-held views […]

Gingrich Obsoletes Beck

And so the torch passes from one schlock historian to the next. But the winner, at least in this case, might be the facts. In brief, Newt Gingrich went on that which remains of Beck’s show last night, to pitch his candidacy to Beck’s pre-primed, radicalized base. But Beck led off in typical fashion by […]

Why “Occupy (Take Back?) Wall Street” Might Matter, Maybe

The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are a strange bunch. On the one hand, they’re far too few, and far too unsure of why exactly they’re there, to be taken seriously. (Locals will remember the comparably schizophrenic agenda of the “Take Back NYU” protests in 2009: those guys were hilarious.) On the other, they’re getting into a […]

How Does a Conservative Fight Glenn Beck?

By carefully indulging in his insanity, apparently. Story is, Glenn Beck views Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign as something approximating world government, or socialism, or fascism, or whatever, because someone married to someone in government giving life advice substantially equals the worst of Stalin’s purges. Mike Huckabee, who continues to struggle with obesity, disagrees. Naturally, for […]

Arbitrations Do Not Work Like That! Why Florida Is Not Under the Suzerainty of Shar’ia Law

I saw this article on Glenn Beck’s news site, but I never thought it’d make it to any site even slightly more reputable. Nevertheless, here it is on Politico, a site that manages to satisfy that criterion sometimes. Apparently, an Islamic arbitration tribunal (an a’lim) conducted an arbitration according to Islamic law. This is entirely […]

Radicalizing on the Right: Collective Bargaining, as an Antitrust Violation?

Elections have consequences, we say. But exactly what consequences? To listen to the right’s increasingly radical agenda, from repealing birthright citizenship to dictating spending cuts based exclusively on hot-button social issues, you’d think no Democrat had ever won elected office, or none ever would again. Can a “historic” midterm election wipe away a decidedly more […]

Glenn Beck-Style Sophistry Explained, in One Link

Beck’s “news” site, TheBlaze, links from this inflammatory title: AS HEARD ON BECK RADIO: MUSLIMS PLAN THURSDAY SHARIA LAW RALLY IN DC To this: This coming Fourth of July, Muslims are planning a “Million Muslim March” in D.C. to “re-establish the feelings of brother and sisterhood among Muslim Americans” and start the “healing” process after […]

Why Do People Like Terrible Things?

Monday saw a devastating string of reviews of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the Bono-produced new musical based on the Spiderman comic books, with the New York Times summarizing it as follows: “Spider-Man” is not only the most expensive musical ever to hit Broadway; it may also rank among the worst. Ouch. And then it […]

Republican Caucus-Goers Will Destroy America

There’s just no sugarcoating it. Either this is a very poorly built sample group, or… something. Set aside the near-plurality that think the President is a Muslim (although they split over whether he’s “practicing” or not). There are, believe it or not, deeper problems, like the two — two voters!! — who say the President’s […]

Has the Marketplace of Ideas Failed, or Just the Metaphor?

Andrew Sullivan (through co-bloggers) flags a question that must occur to any witness of the past two years: Justice Holmes said a long time ago that the best test of the truth is its ability to get accepted in the marketplace of ideas. Glenn Beck has gotten very far in the marketplace of ideas. If […]