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The Virtues of Tradition

At her blog “Measure of Doubt,” my friend Julia, a storied and brilliant commentator on science and rationalism (and a damn fine vegan cook), offers an analysis of the value of adhering to tradition, from her perspective as a rationalist. This means ignoring distorting influences, insofar as possible, to make more accurate decisions in life. […]

Victory in California: What to Take from the Ninth Circuit’s Decision

Yesterday gave American progressives two strong pieces of good news: first, Rick Santorum swept a few early primary and caucus states, gaining not so many delegates, but considerable momentum, and therefore guaranteeing that the continuing disaster that is the Republican primary season will drag on for… a while. Second, and more importantly, the Ninth Circuit […]

Michele Bachmann Rehashes an Anti-Miscegenation Argument

Republican also-ran Michele Bachmann finally decided to pick on someone her own size, and started a serious policy debate with high schoolers over gay marriage. Discussing her outright opposition to the practice, Bachmann calmly explained that there’s no inequality issue in denying gay couples this basic human right, because gay and straight Americans are both […]

An Answer to Santorum’s “Marriage” Analogy

It’s a perilous thing, Googling “Santorum.” But that’s precisely what I had to do to write this post. Last week, former Senator cum continuing failure Rick Santorum attempted a bit of metaphysics, with predictable results. You see, gay marriage simply cannot be, because gay marriage is as different from straight marriage as a napkin is from a paper towel. […]

Reconciling the Right’s Cognitive Dissonance on Marriage

Texas Governor and perpetually undecided presidential candidate Rick Perry explains his stance on gay marriage. It’s a state decision, through and through. Our friends in New York six weeks ago passed a statute that said marriage can be between two people of the same sex. And you know what? That’s New York, and that’s their […]

The Unspoken-but-Acknowledged Truth About Gay Marriage

Politico quotes another’s observation: [W]hen the question of [gay] marriage reaches the Supreme Court, the justices will ask themselves, is the country ready? Is it ready culturally, how many states permit same-sex marriage, and what are elected officials saying? At that point and in preparation for that point, the stated position of a sitting president […]

Overwrought Analogy Of-The-Day: Did New York Kill Socrates?

Late last Friday, the New York Senate finally voted, by a margin that’s still surprisingly slim for those who know New York state, to permit gay couples to use the appellation “marriage.” Why did it take so long? Because the New York Senate is not a representative body, and when political reapportionment fails, I expect […]

Traditional Marriage

Nota bene, for all “Bible-believing” opponents of gay marriage…

New York for Gay Marriage

Last term, the New York Senate defeated a bill that would’ve legalized gay marriage after almost fifteen Senators spoke in favor of it on the floor, and just one against it. The message was clear: this is the politics of bigotry, or time to play cover-your-ass for a tough election year, and we’re not interested […]

The Role of Romantic Love in Defining Marriage

Credit where it’s due to the National Review, for mounting what is, at least to me, the most cogent and rational defense of the restrictivist vision of marriage I’ve seen in some time, accomplished without referencing religion even once. That said, it’s typical National Review writing — lots of big words to hide small ideas […]