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In Santorum, Death or Vindication for Democracy?

Especially given Rick Santorum’s two recent wins, and headlines practically blaring Romney’s concomitant weaknesses, I tend to see the Republican primaries as proof of a problem without a solution: members of a democracy don’t always vote for the superior candidate. To be perfectly clear, I’m no fan of Mitt Romney. But I think it’s reasonable to […]

Defining a Place for the New Atheism

I’m moving to Brooklyn! With no internet. Hence delays.  Andrew Sullivan, with Bryan Appleyard, together question the value of the “new atheism,” which they define as a belief system devoted to the absolute eradication of both religion, and its influence on mankind. Appleyard: By “neo-atheism”, I mean a tripartite belief system founded on the conviction […]

The Dangers of Constitutional Theology

Rick Santorum’s surprising return to relevance should justify a second look at some of his… crazier beliefs. This The New York Times ably provides, per Molly Worthen, who questions whether his prolonged discussions of “natural law” are anything other than a way to sell Catholic-style theocracy to Tea Party-infused Republicans. I’m more troubled by his […]

Remembering Mr. Hitchens

It’s an insecure, easily-threatened worldview which feels the need to frame every tragedy its opponents face within its own narrative. But that’s the outpouring we’ve seen from some on the Christian right over the passing of the prominent, relentlessly thoughtful atheist advocate Christopher Hitchens. Most of the acknowledgments take this simple form — “now he […]

Cultural Leadership

Rick Warren, the halfway-liberal evangelist briefly involved in the President’s inauguration, offers two tweets on cultural leadership, for those who believe the task can (and should) be undertaken: Politics is always downstream from the source of culture. By the time a law is proposed, the water’s already contaminated. If you’re serious about changing culture, start […]

Two Fundamentalisms

How is this distinguishable from Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson’s brand of Christianity? Allah has struck New York and the capital city Washington by an earthquake as a punishment for their disbelief. Falwell and Robertson on the 9/11 attacks, remember: Full text: I really believe that the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and […]

Why We Care About Scientific Understanding in Electeds

Kevin Williamson at NRO punts on a fairly interesting question about why we should care that politicians understand science. His basis: because science is hard, and a specialist field, electeds can’t really know the answer to a scientific question in any meaningful way, making it impossible to judge them for their knowledge, or lack thereof. But it is […]

Our Republican Endorsement

Today, let’s take a break from negativity. In the Republican Primary, this site endorses Jon Huntsman. Mr. Huntsman will never win the nomination. He rejects creationism and climate denialism. He has the diplomat’s ability to speak to other cultures in their own terms, instead of the cultural hegemon’s insistence that they speak to him in his. In short, […]

The Wages of Extremism

We can argue about whether the right’s continued practice of fanning the flames of Islamophobia actually leads to death. But here’s something that’s substantially more definite: Because Republicans either incite — or fail to discredit, at leadership levels — the persistent “Birther” rumors, at least two members of our armed forces have concluded that the […]

Theocratic Constitutionalism & the Hollowness of Republican “Freedom”

How disconcerting to have one’s Christian name used as a Twitter tag to describe the aspirations of seven men and one woman, none of whom will ever be President. Still, yesterday’s debate gave a fairly good idea of what each candidate means when they use words like “liberty” or “freedom,” and expressions like “states’ rights.” […]