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A Quick Note on Santorum & Porn

Rick Santorum’s pledge to enforce U.S. obscenity law in a new fight against pornography — widely reported and debated on conservative sites — ought to raise questions. First; why? Second, and more importantly; what laws? As a capstone on America’s sordid history of pornography laws, Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union makes clear that banning adults from viewing pornography […]

Moral Objections, and Legalizing Prostitution

For once, I’d like to pose a question without necessarily providing an answer: should prostitution be legal? As a general rule, I’m against the idea of women being used for sex, and as a result, I don’t like the idea of a world in which prostitution is legal, common, and not taboo. But legalization — or […]

The Empowerment of Abortion Restrictions: Freedom is Slavery?

Yesterday, I found myself in the bizarre situation of debating abortion (and by extension, the importance of contraception) with someone who’s never had sex. I, uh, have? Without attempting to state a per se rule, it seems like people making decisions about others’ reproductive rights should speak from a place of experience — the more […]

Feminism & the Light of Other Days

This may be an odd post for what turns out to be International Womens’ Day (oops!), but I think it’s nonetheless important. So here we go. I’m generally a fan of political correctness, which I understand as little more than the noncontroversial proposition that we ought to speak civilly to each other, and be mindful […]

If Some Abortions Are Unsafe… Is That Reason to Ban It Altogether?

I’ve never understood why a list of health complications, or scare stories about abortions gone wrong, or unscrupulous doctors (all of the above mentioned here) state an argument about making the process illegal, rather than making it safe. Especially  the anti-choice lobby has made because abortion less safe, by banning unpopular but (at times) necessary […]

Yeah, This is Tacky

Just so we’re clear, stories like this one are not acceptable, even about our comically inept opponents. Jezebel’s position is probably right: stories like this wouldn’t matter if the subject was male. We can go farther: by focusing on a female candidate’s sexuality (which she has, admittedly, put partially in issue), rather than her ridiculous […]

Appearances, and Laws for the Exclusive Benefit of Society

Things are pretty rough here,  but man, some days, it’s especially good to be an American. As opposed to a female citizen of the United Arab Emirates, say. Although it’ s a progressive country by middle eastern standards, according to the UAE’s Federal Supreme Court,  “a man has the right to discipline his wife and children provided […]

Speaking of Phyllis Schlafly…

…and fundamentalist-inspired misogyny, the Republican Party’s inexplicable hatred of independent women continues apace. While we’re on the subject, don’t miss her son’s take on feminism: Specifically, a modern feminist tends to: shirk traditional gender activities, like baking [. . .] prefer that women wear pants rather than dresses, presumably because men do [. . .] […]

WorldNetDaily Hates Sex Now, Too

Conservative blog WorldNetDaily caught flak last week for printing a post by Pat Buchanan, reviving the old anti-Semitic meme that Jews exercise power out of proportion to their numbers: If Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats. Is this the […]

Abortion for Convenience?

Vigilant subway riders will have spotted the “Abortion Changes You” campaign — in all its tacky instances. One example, for discussion: One can imagine that abortion does, in fact, change you — that’s why it’s a serious choice: one not to be taken lightly, and one not to be coaxed into, or out of. Like […]