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Empathy & the Rule of Law

Not to duplicate what’s surely been the subject of thousands of high school papers, and probably at least one Harold Bloom essay, but Shakespeare’s protagonists in The Merchant of Venice, performing now at the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park program, get the Act IV, Scene 1 resolution of the Shylock/Antonio conflict precisely wrong. By […]

I’m SO That Guy!

In honor of the closing week of the Public Theater’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, I’m renaming the “Populism” tag to “Populism yeah yeah!” Adjust your bookmarks accordingly! New Yorkers, go see this show while you still can! I’m definitely going a second time. I will make them all BLEED. A sample, from the less polished […]

True Story

From Kate Beaton’s fantastic “Hark! A Vagrant”:

Satire BP Twitter Feed Makes Fun of Trig

BPGlobalPR — with its hilarious parody of a cavalier BP executive and his bumbling assistant — is probably the best thing to come out of Twitter, ever. Examples: Oh man, just wrapped up an EPIC game of grab ass with Gov. Bobby Jindal. He definitely won. #bpcares The good news: Mermaids are real. The bad […]

Your Republican Party

Basically Calvin, minus the vocabulary, sense of irony, and capacity for introspection.

“The Office” Gets Political…?

Last night’s office — the “baby episode,” ugh — began with the premise that Pam would struggle to avoid going to the hospital until midnight, even at risk to her health, to fit within a bizarre rule in her insurance policy (“our HMO,” they grumble at the outset), and continued to spotlight hospitals’ eagerness to […]

Caption Contest: Megabus Warning Sign

This sign was posted on the wall of a Megabus bathroom – and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it tells me not to do. “No suited voyeurs”? “No closeted Republican senators allowed”? I’m curious to hear your thoughts, but be warned, the bar is pretty high: that last one wasn’t […]

Updates on Conservapedia, Futurama, and Lost

Conservapedia: Andy Schlafly WILL seek state funding to provide Supplemental Education Services, and plans to submit his application today. I have an e-mail in to the New Jersey Department of Education asking where to send my list of “recommended reading” on Schlafly. I’ll update when (if) I hear back. Futurama: one of my favorite shows, […]

Happy Sunday!

Sadly, today’s too busy to allow for a post of its own. Instead, a preview of the week to come: religion in ABC’s “Lost,” and how some religious doctrines actively subvert science. And, in the meantime, a picture of my cat!

Fox Slips Closer to Tabloid Status

What can I say? Know thy enemy. Last night, Fox left a glaring typo on their front page for at least few hours – I’m not sure what the hell “LULIN LUKRS” means, but I think they were trying to say, “Lulin, a comet scheduled to transit past Earth, lurks nearby.” Using “lolcat” font (all-caps […]