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In Culture, the Legal Academy Leads — Antintellectualism Notwithstanding

The National Review spent last week expending an appropriate amount of mental energy on the things that really matter — like, is Obama a dangerous radical, because he knew black people? To the publication’s credit, David French answered in the negative, arguing, reasonably, that people change over time: “Law school Obama is not our president, and I’m not […]

Knowing Ourselves

With the loss of Senator Olympia Snowe, the United States Congress continues to bleed moderates, even as Republican presidential hopefuls ramp up the language of division, in their attempts to unite the party behind the narrowest message possible. With the passing of time, we’re becoming more polarized, not less. Maybe we should talk about why. Especially […]

In Praise of Professional Politicians

One of the Tea Party articles of faith holds that all politicians, but at least legislators, should hold their positions only as part time jobs, meet as few times as possible, and otherwise live normal lives, and hold normal jobs, so they understand the pressures of ordinary Americans and avoid falling prey to “Washington” sensibilities. […]

Reconciling Gingrich to His Tea Party

Allow me to surprise precisely no-one with the following: though bemused by his faux-intellectualism, something other sites are picking up on, too, we’re not big fans of Newt Gingrich here. In fact, I don’t think many people are. I once knew a director of his district office, who had nothing but bad to say about […]

“I Know You Went to Yuba Community College and Couldn’t Graduate…”

Don’t miss Republican congressman Don Young (R-AK) abusing Rice University professor Dr. Doug Brinkley, by calling him “garbage” and, apparently, forgetting his name (article/YouTube). Credit to Dr. Brinkley for standing up for himself, and successfully weaponizing the tea party “we pay your salary” mantra against the anti-intellectual, disrespectful, and profoundly uninformed Young.

Newt Gingrich’s Intellectualized Ignorance

In what other field would I have to write this post? Where else would we find a Republican Party so bereft of leadership that its voters (and elites) would actually consider Newt Gingrich as a viable alternative to Romney, and a plausible Republican nominee? We should be so lucky as to have him win, but […]

Glimmers of Intellect from Mitt Romney

It’s intensely interesting that candidates have to play dumb to get votes in the Republican what-passes-for-a-primary-so-far. But read this statement by Mitt Romney, on why he won’t sign a “pro-life pledge”: The pledge also unduly burdens a president’s ability to appoint the most qualified individuals to a broad array of key positions in the federal […]

The Reinforcing Stereotype

A few years back, an (ex-)girlfriend and I were in line at, I think, the New England Aquarium, when we wound up talking to a couple from Atlanta — my home, and where we’d just come from. My companion was from nearby Philadelphia, so naturally, we two couples were trading stories of things to do, […]

The Necessity of Public Radio

In last week’s Journal, a conservative commentator makes the “free market” case for defunding NPR, not because it’s “liberal” (read: fires bigots for being bigots), but because government funding presents an insurmountable barrier to entry to other, would-be “quality,” for-profit broadcasting providers. Safe to say this guy isn’t getting Carl Kassel’s voice on his home […]


Politico lends an assist in the perpetual Republican meme of condescending, elitist liberals, frowning on anyone without an Ivy League degree. Three immediate problems spring to mind. First, the Republican’s headliners this year (Palin, Boehner, the others spotlighted by the article) are ignorant, and that is dangerous. Second, those candidates, and others, embrace the label […]