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The Republicans’ Self-Inflicted Defeat, Part 1

I’m often warned against (mis-)underestimating the Republican Party. I mean sure, they’re at least partially a pack of deranged extremists, and maybe those are the elements that command true media attention. But the party leadership, the ones that truly matter, well they’re a more reasonable bunch, right? We may now be forgiven for concluding otherwise. […]

The Supreme Court and the Failure of Practical Thinking

Monday marked the second in a series of Supreme Court decisions that — even setting aside the legal points at issue — seem to completely abandon any notion of common sense. First, per Justice Scalia, the Court finally blocked plaintiffs’ class certification in a putative wage discrimination class action against discount giant and dubious corporate […]

Mitch Daniels Wades Into the Muck, Following McCain’s Now-Cold Tracks

Here’s the best indication yet that Mitch Daniels will run for President: he’s already started mortgaging his values. Despite his promise of a “truce,” Daniels issued a statement on Friday affirming that he would sign a bill de-funding Planned Parenthood, should the bill cross his desk. Promising to commit political capital to a divisive, pointless, […]

The Sad Familiarity of the Shar’ia Fable

With Rick Santorum’s… inexplicable comments in New Hampshire, it seems clear that congressional Republicans, and presumptive Republican presidential candidates, intend to drag the Shar’ia law “issue” — the odd fear that American Muslims intend to import Shar’ia law into the U.S. as the first step towards a global caliphate — into the 2012 campaign. Why? […]

Prognosticating Palin’s Presidential Plans

This is a tough one to read, because there’s just too much data to incorporate. On the one hand (and about a thousand other people have made this point), it doesn’t make sense for Sarah Palin to run, because to do so, she’d have to give up both a heap of cash, and renounce her […]

No Bloomberg in 2012

Hyper-popular mayor Michael Bloomberg (?-NY), dismisses idle speculation about his potential presidential ambitions: No way, no how. Remarkably, this probably won’t quiet chatter about the mayor: Bloomberg’s popularity, fortune, and generic leftward leanings make him the type of candidate that could, were he so inclined, mount something approximating a successful third-party challenge to the sitting […]

Palin as Caesar

Haha, no, I don’t mean to impute to the half-term-governor any of the strategic genius of the deified Julius, or the brutal competence of his adoptive son. But America’s sweetheart is quickly developing another trait that defined the first Caesar: a cavernous gap between the types of fervent emotion she inspires, correlated loosely with class. […]

Cock It & Pull It

The key to last night was low expectations. And among a rash of terrible-but-expected results, one improbable win stands out: against all polls, against all odds, Harry Reid kept his Senate seat. This win denies the Republican Party a crucial trophy, but more importantly, the race’s divergence from polls (as of 1:14 AM, Reid outperformed […]

“Party of Ideas” Strikes Again: Rep. Tom Price’s Health Care Bill One Socialist, Anti-Federalist Mess

It’s totally not true that the GOP has neither proposed nor thought about alternative solutions to America’s health care crisis. Why, there’s an entire page of Republican bills, languishing without the party’s support! But seriously folks, Representative Tom Price (R-GA), representing Newt Gingrich’s old district, took a break from calling health care reform “tyranny” to […]

Politico Now Just Running Pawlenty Campaign Ads

With such hard hitting stories as “Is Obama TOO faithful to his wife?,” and “Is Obama TOO respectful to foreign leaders, by pronouncing their names correctly?,” Politico is justly regarded as the bottom of the barrel in journalistic integrity. Now the long-term goal of this “blame Obama for success” plan is coming into focus: Pawlenty […]