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Romney the Content-Free Candidate: It’s a Feature, Not a Bug

Ben Domenech is a former low-level speechwriter for George W. Bush’s cabinet, and a plagiarist.  He’s also one of the leading voices of the conservative blog network. Here’s what he has to say about Mitt Romney’s debate performance tonight: Considering that President Obama is up against it in the polls, I expect him to pull […]

The Last Willie Horton Election

Sullivan’s Daily Dish collects comments explaining Romney’s complete reliance on mobilizing a near-unprecedented 61%+ of the white vote… and why it won’t every be possible again. The Romney-Republican strategy is the dark side of the older Republican strategy: the Reagan of hardline conservative Pat Buchanan rather than of public relations man Michael Deaver. It could still work […]

Calculating the Fallout of a Ryan Loss

For the second time in as many cycles, a panicked, plausibly-centrist Republican presidential nominee selected a relatively unknown, extremist running mate. By doing so, Mitt Romney jettisoned the (apparently losing) message of his campaign to date — “I’m different from Barack Obama in important but unspecified ways” — and embraced, in turn, a highly-specified, woefully unpopular […]

Lessons from Iowa

It’s hard to say what to take from last night’s Iowa caucus, except that because Senator Santorum’s little surge translated into real votes, we can conclude that each of the little boomlets that defined the fall campaign were real, and not creations of the media or polling companies. The Republican electorate is actually as undecided […]

Your Brief Primer on “Voter Fraud,” and Voter ID Laws

This has turned out to be a pretty good, but pretty packed week, which you might rightly conclude from the lazier posting schedule. But one thing that I’ve seen a lot of this week, and yet forgotten to reduce to a post, is a resurgence of Republican interest in voter ID laws — provisions that […]

Chemistry, Timing, and the Transformative Presidency

Certainly without knowing it, President Obama, in this pre-inaugural picture plucked from the New York Times, manages to pull off a fair impression of the famous classical statue, the Augustus of the Primaporta, matching almost perfectly the second Caesar’s raised arm, held either to indicate a more prosperous future and recovery from Rome’s century of civil […]

Campaign for the Unemployed

With unemployment at 9%, we should take two lessons. First, this is untenable long term. And second, Democrats should make every effort to win the trust (and the votes) of this unfortunately large demographic. Unemployed Americans are a natural Democratic constituency. They’ve been wronged by corporate interests, and feel the system — the unrestrained free […]

Rick Perry Confuses “Socialism” with “Federalism”

In an interview with Time, Governor Perry offers the following: No, I still believe [officials in the Obama administration] are socialist. Their policies prove that almost daily. Look, when all the answers emanate from Washington D.C., one size fits all, whether it’s education policy or whether it’s healthcare policy, that is, on its face, socialism. […]

“Leo, There Are Times When We Are Absolutely Nowhere”

The strident Republican backlash to Obama’s new fact-checking site, AttackWatch.com — a follow up to “Fight the Smears!” from 2008 — feels like nothing so much as the playground bully falling back in raucous laughter as he watches the class nerd ineffectually strike some semblance of a “fighting” stance. Take this as as much an […]

Our Republican Endorsement

Today, let’s take a break from negativity. In the Republican Primary, this site endorses Jon Huntsman. Mr. Huntsman will never win the nomination. He rejects creationism and climate denialism. He has the diplomat’s ability to speak to other cultures in their own terms, instead of the cultural hegemon’s insistence that they speak to him in his. In short, […]