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Let the King Reign

Yesterday’s Times profile on the history of that quintessentially American tradition — the peaceful, loyal succession — ought to raise a question for today’s Democrats. Has the tradition been followed in this administration, in fact as well as in form? And if not, what can we say about it? Consider Senator McCain’s dignified concession speech that night […]

Chemistry, Timing, and the Transformative Presidency

Certainly without knowing it, President Obama, in this pre-inaugural picture plucked from the New York Times, manages to pull off a fair impression of the famous classical statue, the Augustus of the Primaporta, matching almost perfectly the second Caesar’s raised arm, held either to indicate a more prosperous future and recovery from Rome’s century of civil […]

Fiddling While the Country Burns: A Story Arc for 2008-10

How did it come to this? In 2008, we, Democrats, won a landslide victory, with the public deserting the cynicism and policymaking bumbling of the Republican Party in droves for the promise of optimism, progress, and reasoned solutions to complicated problems. Today, we’re back to square one. Maybe worse. When the sitting President can’t sell […]

The Decade’s Strange Silver Lining

When the first decade of the third millennium (the “decade from hell”; h/t N.P.) closes next week, few will miss it. The “aughts” opened with a controversial election that raised serious questions of democratic integrity, many of which linger to this day, and continued into the first serious attack on American soil… ever. If this […]

State of the Federal Bench: MSNBC Finally Wises Up

One of the topics we’ve covered most consistently and thoroughly, especially during the election, is the state of the federal bench. Because conservatives somehow managed to successfully appropriate the pejorative term “activist judge” and apply it only progressive jurists, the majority of the American public likely missed the fact that the past few Supreme Court […]

Election 2008, Five Weeks Later: Rev. Wright & Joe the Plumber

Although both issues are moot, yesterday there were two big stories on two of Election 2008’s biggest non-candidate “characters,” Joe the Plumber & the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. First, ABC played the ad that the McCain camp prepared, but never aired, indicting Barack Obama for his connection with Jeremiah Wright: I’m unsure of the damage this […]

Georgians: Vote for Martin. Everyone Else: CHILL, and Don’t Read Too Much Into the Results

Today, Jim Martin goes head-to-head with sitting GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss, to reclaim the honor of Georgia’s congressional delegation from the man who ran one of the Senate’s nastiest campaigns – ever. As the good people at Daily Kos point out, even FOX NEWS is willing to criticize him on a gaffe that, in any […]

The Devil Went Down to Georgia…

Bad news. In the hard-fought Senate runoff between Jim Martin and incumbet Saxby Chambliss (Fail-GA), Sarah Palin has thrown her hat into the ring. America’s (least?-) favorite hockey mom will campaign for Saxby Chambliss. The Georgia Senate race remains tight – which is itself a small miracle – but speaking plainly, I don’t have high […]

New Labour and the New Democrats: Lessons for President-Elect Obama, from Tony Blair

The year 1992 gave America its redemption from the Reagan years but, across the Pond, progressive politics was in a much, much worse state. Despite significant electoral gains, Neil Kinnock’s Labour Party failed to retake a majority in the House of Commons, and 10 Downing passed to John Major, a pale shadow of Lady Thatcher […]

Sixty Within Reach (But Not Likely)

Holy filibuster-proof majority, Batman! Mark Begich beat out Ted Stevens, putting an end to the GOP’s longest-sitting Senator, and stymying any nascent scheming Governor Palin had at getting herself a Senate seat this year. That puts the Democratic Senators at fifty-eight. And, Franken goes into a recount against Coleman for Minnesota’s seat, and for Jim […]