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What Can Presidents Do About Gas Prices?

Not a damn thing (and Republicans agree!). Even if Obama authorized companies, today, to drill anywhere they wanted to, market forces wouldn’t reflect the price drop (if any ever came) for months. Here’s a problem with democracy: voters expect leaders to change parts of the world over which they have no actual control, or somehow achieve directly contradictory […]

Tea Party Populism Falling Markedly Short

An excerpt from my Friday afternoon: “Hi, [senior associate].” “Hi, [author].” “So as you know, the SEC is suing Goldman Sachs on the theory that rather than supporting their CDO, as its managers explained Goldman’s role to investors, the CDO’s managers actually let Goldman pick purposefully risky investments, so Goldman would wind up fleecing th–” […]

RedState Now Officially Celebrating Unemployment

Unemployment to hit 10.4? “Wonderful. Simply wonderful.” Except it won’t, and if it does, it won’t be.

Politico is a Functionally Worthless Site

From their Sunday front page story: The rest of the country has a new reason to hate the inside-the-Beltway crowd: Our economy is better than yours. [. . .] Members of Congress from harder-hit areas can’t help but notice the divide between the relative health of their part-time city and the pain back home. And […]

We the Capitalists? The Right Rediscovers the Rule of Law, Eight or Eighty Years Too Late

Across the conservative side of the internets – the part that looks more like a dumptruck, and less like a series of tubes – you’ll see frequently corny, and always flamboyant homages to the Constitution. Or, what they think is the Constitution. These expressions are remarkable as much for their spontaneity (where were these “scholars” […]

At 100 Days, is it Obama’s Economy Yet?

Like a hearts player eager to dump the queen of spades at the first opportunity, the Republican Party desperately wants to frame the nation’s continuing economic problems as Obama’s legacy, not his inheritance, and Newt Gingrich seems to think the 100-day  mark is the time to do that: One thing is clear at this point […]

Persecution Today: Atheists are the New Jews

Truly, humanity has come a long way. In the early Muslim states, when economic or military woes beset the empire, the state’s stance on Judaism (and its Jewish subjects) went from a surprising level of egalitarianism to outright persecution, beheadings, you name it. Europe was no better. All levels of society, from villager to Bishop, […]

Welcome to Paulson’s $700 Billion Bender

When I heard on Tuesday Treasury was redirecting the remaining $400 billion of the bailout to further capitalize banks and other credit institutions, I flipped. What about homeowners?! And I’m not just talking about those facing foreclosure. I’m talking about millions of homeowners who are in fixed-rate mortgages and who are watching their home values […]

Stock Market Soars: Credit, Please!

After the stock market fell on November 5th, pundits on the right (Hannity, etc.) decried the beginning of the “Obama recession,” despite, of course, the fact that the man had yet to take office. Well, good news everyone! The Dow Jones Industrial Average is about to close $500+ above its starting price: I assume, by […]

And the Award for Scariest Costume Goes to (drumroll) the McCain Tax Plan

Remember the good ol’ days when math was just fuzzy? Well, I just completed reading the Tax Policy Center’s (TPC) Updated Analysis of the 2008 Presidential Candidate’s Tax Plans, and I am damn-near speechless looking at details surrounding McCain’s tax plan. Lucky for you, dear reader, I am not completely speechless, so I can fill […]