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This American Life Questions the Premise of “Job Creation”

Can a Governor — or a President — “create” a job? After speaking with more than a few economists and subject matter experts, the celebrated radio program’s conclusion seems to be… no. Except over the long term, in which case infrastructure, in the form of public universities, etcetera, matters much more. Why don’t we hear […]

A Matter of Trust

Repeating the old party line, Politico goes the extra mile to delegitimize President Obama’s indictment of the Republican Party’s history of fiscal irresponsibility: President Barack Obama is trying to ride the wave of anti-incumbency by taking on an unpopular politician steeped in the partisan ways of Washington. It doesn’t matter that George W. Bush left […]

Tea Party Populism Falling Markedly Short

An excerpt from my Friday afternoon: “Hi, [senior associate].” “Hi, [author].” “So as you know, the SEC is suing Goldman Sachs on the theory that rather than supporting their CDO, as its managers explained Goldman’s role to investors, the CDO’s managers actually let Goldman pick purposefully risky investments, so Goldman would wind up fleecing th–” […]

Lochner’s Revenge: What Liberty?

An emerging trope in what passes for a health care debate in this country is the theory that, somehow, health care reform infringes upon the “personal liberty” of its detractors. It’s worth asking what’s meant by this vague mention of a nameless fear, and worth noting that, in the conservations I’ve had on the subject, […]

Our “Socialist” Past

The Republican Party wants you to see, in every exercise of federal power, the creeping spectre of socialism. Of course, this is definitionally and historically wrong. Although the scope of federal involvement in common affairs has always been the issue that divides Americans most, we have also, as a nation, historically come down on the […]

Frontier Exceptionalism: Why Texas Solutions Won’t Work in the Upper 49, and Might not Work in Texas for Long

As frequent readers will know, I’m a big fan of Texas, but my affinity for the state’s culture, people, and natural beauty all stop at the state house. Texas’ reputation as a forge for statesmen (and women) is rightly deserved, but the current state government fails to reflect it. I was struck, then, to see […]

Rush Limbaugh Proves Himself Wrong (On Taxes)

As part of the GOP’s attempts to frame all taxes as “socialist” job-killers, last April, Rush Limbaugh vowed to leave New York, claiming to be fed up with the high taxes. It was a pretty clever move: there’s scant evidence that taxes actually do shift jobs overseas, but Limbaugh could have poignantly made his point […]

Note to New Readers

Hello new visitors — thanks for reading a few suddenly very popular articles! I hope all of you stick around. However, I’d like to record one short note. This blog is not a “birther” blog. It’s 50% politics, 20% law, 20% science, and 10% miscellaneous. Categories #1 and #2 overlap with some frequency, and sweep […]

Sexist Stereotypes of Judge Sotomayor: Money

Over the last week, we’ve written more than a few things about soon-to-be-ex-governor Sarah Palin. Previously, these criticisms by myself or others have triggered in conservatives something we didn’t know they had in them: righteous feminist outrage. Good for them! Even if I disagree with the application to governor Palin – criticizing a woman is […]

We the Capitalists? The Right Rediscovers the Rule of Law, Eight or Eighty Years Too Late

Across the conservative side of the internets – the part that looks more like a dumptruck, and less like a series of tubes – you’ll see frequently corny, and always flamboyant homages to the Constitution. Or, what they think is the Constitution. These expressions are remarkable as much for their spontaneity (where were these “scholars” […]