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Creative Destruction: the Bain Argument

For a first post back, I’d like to revisit a subject that I missed during my self-imposed exile: Newt Gingrich’s decision to try to flank Mitt Romney from the left as well as the right, but taking a few compelling shots at the latter’s business record. If this is something from which we’ve all moved […]

Gingrich Obsoletes Beck

And so the torch passes from one schlock historian to the next. But the winner, at least in this case, might be the facts. In brief, Newt Gingrich went on that which remains of Beck’s show last night, to pitch his candidacy to Beck’s pre-primed, radicalized base. But Beck led off in typical fashion by […]

A Look at the “Forgotten 15”: Does the GOP’s Radical Deregulation Agenda Actually Create Jobs?

It’s not hard to see why Republicans do so well on Twitter: in a forum that limits debate to 140 characters, there’s no room for principled disagreement, shades of grey, or arguments backed up by facts. It’s the perfect environment for unsubstantiated talking points like, “drill baby drill!”, “Where’s the birth certificate?”, and the Republican […]