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Contra Human Events #5

Consistency means nothing to Ann Coulter. Wait, I take that back. Her pieces are actually remarkably consistent, in that they all follow the same structure. Begin with a nasty little lie, so mean as to be comical – in her latest piece, it’s “words mean nothing to liberals” – transition to the main part of […]

Best. Speech. Ever.

A few live-blogging comments on Barack Obama’s speech tonight. 10:20 – Is anyone else watching Barack Obama’s speech right now, and comparing it mentally against Hillary’s? Barack just spent about five minutes in the middle of an extremely important, highly-watched speech, to praise Hillary Clinton. I think the message is clear: Obama has just handed […]

Spin Over Reason: Michigan & Florida

Defending the seating of Florida and Michigan’s delegates makes for a good story: “candidate X wants to give Florida and Michigan a vote, but candidate Y hates democracy.”  But, like so many other talking points, it’s more spin than substance.  Although it’s tactically a bad plan to oppose the seating of the delegates – and […]

West Virginia: Understanding the Reagan Realignment

Hillary Clinton just won West Virginia, by at least thirty percentage points. Now, Clinton claims that no Democrat has won the presidency, since 1916, without the help of West Virginia. While her claim is technically true, she seems to be arguing that West Virginia is (1) a Democratic stronghold and (2) a key to victory. […]

Reflections on Indiana, and Why We Have to Spin

Update: Barack Obama loses Indiana, 49.1 % to 50.9%, a narrow margin in a primary which was expected to give Hillary a 5-10% margin. While on the numbers, this is fairly bland (the candidates split the delegates evenly), the blow dealt to Hillary Clinton’s expectations is serious. And politics is all about expectations. My earlier, […]

One Day More? No. Parse the Outcomes

Time to get in gear, buddy. Nothing remarkable will happen today. All eyes – and all pressure – should be on Howard Dean to wrap this puppy up in an amicable way. If you’re hoping that tonight’s primaries in Indiana and North Carolina will change anything in the Democratic nomination, I would hope the answer […]

Democracy in America: Factual Relativism on the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Small warning: this post represents the views of Ames, and probably Tim. But, it doesn’t represent a new contributor we’ve just added. For years, I’ve defended Hillary Clinton as a good Democrat, worthy to be the next President. While I still think she’s better than McCain, she has entirely lost my vote for the primaries. […]

Hillary Clinton, Rational Actor

A recent article, published on Slate, poses an interesting question – what if we take Hillary Clinton’s “I won’t quit” assertion at face value? It’s not a pretty picture. Let’s assume that Hillary Clinton will not – no matter what – quit the race. And further assume that she cannot make up for Obama’s delegate […]

I stand corrected

It’s been known to happen before, but I was wrong – Hillary held on to 5% more than I expected, and the press is actually being fairly responsible on this result. While noting her victory (at the Times and Fox News), the New York Times at least is sounding the alarm about what this means […]

Scorched Earth Primaries

So, here’s the problem. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are stellar candidates, and the Democrats are lucky to have them. The protracted primary campaign season may not even be all that bad – after all, America is being saturated with pictures of individuals, one of whom we hope will win in November. And all publicity […]