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PUMAs Are Dead

Salon, reviewing the media’s greatest mistakes of 2008: “Guess what? For all the PUMA nonsense that filled the airwaves over the summer… Obama is beating McCain by a 91-to-5-percent margin among self-identified Democrats.” Nate Silver concurs: the PUMAs never mattered, but they made a good story for CNN & Fox, so they were happy to […]

TexasDarlin & PUMAs: Still Alive & Lyin’

Back when the Democratic National Convention began, “TexasDarlin” of the newly restyled (and now ghastlier) “tdblog” promised that the site would change drastically depending on the outcome of the DNC. The implicit assertion was that, if Obama was still the nominee after a while, she’d continue lying for Hillary, despite Bill & Hillary’s explicit request […]

Secondment (Yes to Democracy)

Thanks to Christina of “Yes to Democracy” for inviting me to be a guest contributor (an offer which I’ve happily accepted).  I’ve written my first post over there, on the impact John McCain would have on the U.S. Supreme Court, and why feminist PUMAs’ opposition to Obama makes so little sense.  Please read the rest […]

Hillary PUMAs – Handmaidens of John McCain, or Weaponized Disappointment?

I confess that I’m continually baffled by the popularity of “Hillary PUMAs” – those (alleged) Hillary partisans who value her victory even over the victory of Democrats, both at the presidential level, and downticket. I’ve asked myself time and time again, what makes them tick? Why potentially sacrifice a Democratic presidency just to make a […]

John Edwards: Hero No Longer

John Edwards, disgraced: the former Senator & presidential candidate just now admitted to having had an affair with a campaign staffer, while his wife was at death’s door no less.  A sickening betrayal of family and country.  Imagine the arrogance of running for President while knowing this was out there.  Ugh.

Hillary PUMAs: What’s the Point?

Talk is growing on the question of whether Hillary Clinton’s name will be on the ballots at the Democratic Convention in Denver. There’re a lot of reasons to think that, just for the sake of catharsis, it should be: as one die-hard Hillary supporter put it (see below), it needn’t be about disrespect to “Future […]

Blunting the Edge of McCain’s Experience Advantage

Obama’s challenge, it seems, is to beat Hillary. Again. Experience & elitism: the same themes that powered Hillary’s campaign to near-victory continue to animate the corpse of the McCain campaign. Time & again, we’re seeing that these two talking points are the only things McCain has on his opponent. But their forceful and shockingly negative […]

Whither “The Confluence”?

I’m continually flabbergasted by the popularity of “The Confluence,” a site haunted by ex-Kos bloggers and Hillary supporters who long outlived their welcome. For one, the site seems to be fast approaching its inevitable end in disappointment, as more and more “shadow campaign” groups give up the ghost.  Most of the posts lately, like the […]

Electoral-Vote.com and Our Hilarious Preconceptions

During the primary season, the popular website “Electoral-Vote.com” kept a running account of which Democratic candidate polled best against John McCain.  In what is now a moot (but nonetheless interesting) point, take a look at the picture below, from May 27th.  States where Barack Obama polled better against McCain are colored brown; where Hillary Clinton […]

Join or Die: Hillary Democrats for McCain on WordPress

One of my regular commenters recently noted the upswing in pro-Hillary, anti-Obama rhetoric among WordPress’ politics blogs (thanks for the tip!). That’s a disappointing trend, but the actual sites he pointed to are even more disappointing, ranging from the racist to the delusional. I’ve noted before – just click that little “previous post” button above […]