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The Death Penalty, Incremental Progress on the Avenue of Criminals, and Net Injustice

Responding to the Troy Davis execution, Ross Douthat does what he does best, offering an overthought response that manages to “raise a point” without actually addressing the central issue in the argument. Maybe that’s useful on some topics, but not really here. The argument: the death penalty, because it’s so terrible, generates justice by inspiring […]

Regulations are Unconstitutional? Conservative Legal Theories, and Re-Engaging at the Constitutional Level

Apologies for posting delays and failures, all necessitated by the ridiculous steps one must take, and time one must expend, to get into New York City this week. Thomas Sowell, one of the National Review’s favorite legal commentators, comes up with a novel way to oppose the government’s new offer to pay for voluntary end-of-life […]

An Opportunity We Might Want to Miss

Who says the GOP doesn’t have ideas? To answer President Obama’s budget proposal, Paul Ryan (R-WI) gives us a package that smacks of necromancy or despair (I can’t tell which): Social Security privatization. It’s back — combined with deep cuts to Medicare, and every other entitlement program under the sun. Thankfully, in a sign that […]

Palin Lies to Cover Up a Lie

Remember “death panels”? Palin’s assertion that payment for end-of-life counseling would somehow morph into government mandated suicide? Apparently, that argument has since become a loser — so now we hear that what she really meant, you see, was that government “rationing” is the real mechanism by which “death panels” operate. This goes against statements to […]

Sarah Palin Still Hasn’t Read the Bill

A few months ago, Sarah Palin ended her formal political career to seek the greener pastures of the Facebook “Notes” application, from which she conjured one of the most offensive, distortionary, and downright malicious lies in recent American political history — the notion that an optional government health plan would somehow hunt down and murder […]

Another Breach of Basic Decency — from Our Side

Responding to Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)’s admittedly callous suggestion that an uninsured, seriously ill woman should just find a charity to take care of her (“Just for fun he said — get a job!“), MSNBC’s Ed Schultz crossed all sort of lines yesterday, with this tirade: “[T]he Republicans lie! They want to see you dead! […]

Republicans to Respect: John McCain

It seems almost an oxymoron these days. But a recent e-mail to supporters, questioning current health care proposals, puts Senator McCain (R-AZ) head and shoulders above his compatriots in honesty. He pushes the urgency of healthcare, and some values that he shares with the Democrats — After a month of hosting and attending town hall […]

Obama and the “Politics of Charisma”

If you like hyper-partisan stream of consciousness rants, be sure not to miss Fouad Ajami’s take on Obama’s “summer of discontent,” a stylishly written diatribe that, eventually, doesn’t seem to say anything. Since it lacks a unifying thesis, one can only approach the piece in parts. First, we find a disjointed critique of Obama’s optimism, […]

Quote of the Day: The Danger of Demagoguery

“Facts are deaf, deaf as an adder, to the clamor of the populace.” — Attributed to President John Adams

Two Defeats for Democracy

Scream loud enough and, apparently, you’ll win over the uninformed and get your way: the Senate Finance Committee will pull provisions providing for end-of-life counseling. This decision does little more than hurt patients and soothe the consciences of fools, while handing the Republican Party proof that yes, they can still score political victories, regardless of […]