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Knowing Ourselves

With the loss of Senator Olympia Snowe, the United States Congress continues to bleed moderates, even as Republican presidential hopefuls ramp up the language of division, in their attempts to unite the party behind the narrowest message possible. With the passing of time, we’re becoming more polarized, not less. Maybe we should talk about why. Especially […]

Inferring from Aberration: How the Culture War Magnifies

Several point to an absurd incident out of Pennsylvania, where Judge Mark Martin recently acquitted a criminal defendant of assault because his victim, Ernie Perce, was dressed as a “zombie Mohammed,” thereby (apparently) provoking the assault. An excerpt from the trial transcript, as reported by another blog: Whenever it is very common, their language, when […]

David Addington’s Decidedly Un-Christian Lies about the “Christmas Tree Tax”

The war on Christmas started early this year, with a post from David Addington — yes, the same David Addington who participated in the vindictive outing of a CIA agent to score some political point, and authorized warrantless wiretapping of American phone lines without congressional oversight — charging that President Obama just “couldn’t wait” to […]

Moderates, Atheism, and Mutual Cooling in the Culture Wars

It’s fair to say I have mixed feelings on the atheist movement. On the one hand, more than a few of my closest friends count themselves as leading lights in skeptic circles, and the work they do, pushing back the fog of fundamentalism and bigotry, serves an invaluable counterweight to the type of religious militarism […]

Cultural Leadership

Rick Warren, the halfway-liberal evangelist briefly involved in the President’s inauguration, offers two tweets on cultural leadership, for those who believe the task can (and should) be undertaken: Politics is always downstream from the source of culture. By the time a law is proposed, the water’s already contaminated. If you’re serious about changing culture, start […]

The Reinforcing Stereotype

A few years back, an (ex-)girlfriend and I were in line at, I think, the New England Aquarium, when we wound up talking to a couple from Atlanta — my home, and where we’d just come from. My companion was from nearby Philadelphia, so naturally, we two couples were trading stories of things to do, […]

Un-Common White Angst

Fox News’ latest jihad against the rapper Common is a creation of such spectacular idiocy that it really deserves a monument of some kind. Jon Stewart’s takedown of the whole thing — which Bill O’Reilly basically concedes, but then strives to cover up with a smug tone and some handwaving — is probably as good a one […]

Divorcing Fiscal Restraint from Social Conservatism

The GOP hasn’t done it. So far, we’ve seen attempts to defund: Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio, and, the National Endowment for the Arts. Here’s a serious question, to answer an unserious group of legislators: can the Republican Party address budget cuts, without framing it as a culture war issue, and without letting literally insignificant savings on […]

The War on Christmas Enters Adolescence: What To Do About “Grinch Alert”?

A Dallas Baptist church provides “Grinch Alert,” a website where you can “report” businesses and establishments that apparently offend Christians by failing to cater to the absurd belief that an entire season, somehow, belongs to fundamentalist Christians exclusively. My friend Evan (himself Jewish) suggests overwhelming the site, and diluting its effectiveness, by recommending synagogues as […]

Did the Tea Party Actually Win?

A look through the headliners suggests, “no.” Rubio took Florida and Paul took Kentucky, but these expected wins exhaust tea party gains in most-watched races. Joe Miller in Alaska fell to Lisa Murkowski as a write-in. Sharron Angle, of course, substantially underperformed. Carly Fiorina and Christine O’Donnell went down as hard as expected. John Raese […]