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Defining a Place for the New Atheism

I’m moving to Brooklyn! With no internet. Hence delays.  Andrew Sullivan, with Bryan Appleyard, together question the value of the “new atheism,” which they define as a belief system devoted to the absolute eradication of both religion, and its influence on mankind. Appleyard: By “neo-atheism”, I mean a tripartite belief system founded on the conviction […]

Bachmann’s Bridge Too Far

We all knew it would end this way. I just wouldn’t have guessed that endorsing the popular conspiracy theory that vaccines cause autism (which Bachmann misrepresents as “retardation”) would’ve been the point where she finally overextended herself — the straw to break the back of a campaign suffused throughout with delusional hackery, conspiracy theories, and […]

Today’s Thin Excuses for Scientific Denialism

No-one is more surprised than me by the vocal, negative reaction we’re seeing among conservatives actually offended by the charge that their candidates, especially Rick Perry, are “anti-science.” I rather thought this would be a point of pride; isn’t “mainstream science” an “elitist” liberal construct? In any event, the counter-offensive, supplied by the National Review‘s Rich Lowry, goes […]

Why We Care About Scientific Understanding in Electeds

Kevin Williamson at NRO punts on a fairly interesting question about why we should care that politicians understand science. His basis: because science is hard, and a specialist field, electeds can’t really know the answer to a scientific question in any meaningful way, making it impossible to judge them for their knowledge, or lack thereof. But it is […]

Are Atheists “Too Sensitive”? Let’s Flip the Question

HotAir flags another unsurprisingly short-sighted move by American Atheists: petitioning to change the name of a street — “Seven in Heaven Way,” named for seven local firefighters who died heroically on 9/11 — because it apparently signifies the State’s adoption of the Christian “Heaven” as an official public belief. For once, HotAir is partially right! […]

The Federal Duty to Standardize Reality

I’m not really surprised to hear Michele Bachmann (R-MN) insisting that schools should follow local policy when designing curricula, even and especially when that means teaching intelligent design. She’s obviously wrong — schools should teach science, not clever P.R. schemes –and it’s not like we don’t expect anti-intellectual pandering from her, as she flits from […]

Why Creationism Matters

As of this writing, only one of the Republican frontrunners for the presidential nomination — Mitt Romney — is not a creationist. Granted, the 2012 Republican field is currently limited to just the usual suspects (2008 also-rans like Mike Huckabee), Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin, but still, something to consider. Against this background, HotAir attempts to argue, by necessity […]

A Scientific Explanation for Creationists

And global warming deniers, and other adherent to those pernicious scientific minority views, that curiously become political plurality views. From a commentator on the study: The authors [of a new study] favor a model, called the cultural cognition of risk, which “refers to the tendency of individuals to form risk perceptions that are congenial to their […]

Where’s the Harm in Teaching Creationism?

Bear with me. For a moment, imagine away the First Amendment. There’s no legal barrier to creationism, and permitting its teaching won’t necessarily imply an erosion of any other legal barriers. Is this video still worrying? There are a couple ways of getting to yes. First (and most obviously), by arguing First Amendment values, even […]

But Pericles, Have You Gotten a Load of the Many?

In Alabama’s Republican gubernatorial primary, the central issue appears to be the slanderous allegation that Bradley Byrne may not, in fact, be a creationist: He’s here to assure you that he is: As a Christian and as a public servant, I have never wavered in my belief that this world and everything in it is […]