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The Hunger Games, and the Shallowness of Conservative Economic Morality

Longtime readers will recall that using science fiction to analyze real-world problems is a favorite subject of mine. Consequentially, when someone attempts the same, and manages to thoroughly botch it, I feel compelled to reply. And Forbes writer what John Tamny does to The Hunger Games is basically a war crime. In his hands, the popular young adult book becomes a warning […]

Republicans’ Jenga Game with the Modern Constitution Continues Apace

Thanks, Rachel, for the link! It’s time to put conclusively to bed the myth that conservatives favor a steady-state, precedent-bound legal world, as opposed to them-there “activist” liberals. As proof, take this column from George Will, putatively a movement leader, arguing for the resurrection of a monumentally old and long-since repudiated decision: Lochner v. New […]

Subtlety in Storytelling: Red Dawn?

The National Review goes near apoplectic over a remake of B-movie quasipolitical thriller Red Dawn that excludes China, the remake’s originally included villain, substituting North Korea. [Red Dawn] was an overwrought action flick/melodrama, to be sure, but it was also a cultural marker: the age of détente was over, and the age of Reagan had arrived in full. […]

Radicalizing on the Right: Collective Bargaining, as an Antitrust Violation?

Elections have consequences, we say. But exactly what consequences? To listen to the right’s increasingly radical agenda, from repealing birthright citizenship to dictating spending cuts based exclusively on hot-button social issues, you’d think no Democrat had ever won elected office, or none ever would again. Can a “historic” midterm election wipe away a decidedly more […]

Divorcing Fiscal Restraint from Social Conservatism

The GOP hasn’t done it. So far, we’ve seen attempts to defund: Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio, and, the National Endowment for the Arts. Here’s a serious question, to answer an unserious group of legislators: can the Republican Party address budget cuts, without framing it as a culture war issue, and without letting literally insignificant savings on […]

Nuance is Liberal? So Says OK Cupid

I’ll give this to OK Cupid. Given an immense amount of data on the basics of human relationships, they’ve done the one thing I would never expect someone in that position to do: good, interesting work, with their OK Trends workshop. Query how much the results can be generalized from the (necessarily self-selected) sample set […]

The GOP’s Small Tent

RedState sees The Gays, and libertarians, as entertaining sideshows who might contribute meaningfully, maybe, but are “irritating” and “grating” otherwise. The Big Tent’s now basically a bivy sack.

The Disaster of Laissez Faire Social Services

In one of the more bizzare stories of the year, we may have the beginnings of a conservative overreach: specifically, Obion County, Tennessee, provides firefighting services by paid subscription only ($75 per year). After the county steadfastly refused to help a “free rider” family when their house burned down, the county expanded its subscription-only services, […]

Who We Are

Mitt Romney is probably right, that this next election will be fought on treacherous ground indeed: the question of who we are, as a people. I posit two competing narratives: one, from the right, that our lives are best lived apart, in independence not just from a foreign sovereign, but from each other; and another, […]

The Problem with Conservatism

The highest aspiration isn’t elected office. It’s talk radio.