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Conservapedia: Most Books are “Liberal Claptrap”

One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen them post: Nearly 250,000 people will soon be without a single bookstore, as the last one is closing in Laredo, Texas. [31] Most books (other than the Bible) are liberal claptrap anyway, so this is probably good news. For those not familiar with wikiformatting from the permalink […]

Speaking of Phyllis Schlafly…

…and fundamentalist-inspired misogyny, the Republican Party’s inexplicable hatred of independent women continues apace. While we’re on the subject, don’t miss her son’s take on feminism: Specifically, a modern feminist tends to: shirk traditional gender activities, like baking [. . .] prefer that women wear pants rather than dresses, presumably because men do [. . .] […]

Conservapedia’s Affair with Literalism Continues

Last Friday, Obama mocked congressional Republicans for characterizing his “pretty centrist” healthcare plan as some kind of “Bolshevik plot,” explaining that such scorched-earth argumentation leaves Republicans with little to no room to maneuver, and in fact demonstrates the party’s bad faith. Watch: Clever, hard-hitting, and long overdue. But from the minute Obama said the word […]

Copyright Threats from Creationists: Nothing New

Several years ago, friend-of-the-site RationalWiki posted a stunningly thorough side-by-side refutation of a Conservapedia article on creationism. Conservapedia, naturally, could offer no argument in defense, but happily threatened the site with a copyright suit, because if you can’t beat ’em, sue ’em, “fair use” notwithstanding. Now, history is set to repeat itself. Another RationalWiki user […]

The Marxist Impulse in Conservative Polemic: “Liberal Fascists”

Jonah Goldberg, the man famous for redrawing the political spectrum to equate “liberals” with Nazis, shares an important trait with Conservapedia — a passion for historical revisionism. For both, the war against liberalism is a quest that spans the epochs. There were Jewish liberals in ancient Jerusalem, eager to kill the Son of God; and […]

Conservapedia Rewriting the Bible

Really. It makes too much sense, doesn’t it? The life of Jesus fairly read makes him look like anything from a social reformer to, in the Gospel of Thomas, a quasi-anarchist or, in the Acts of Paul & Thecla, a feminist. It was only a matter of time until conservatives ditched the substance of his […]

Metablogging Censorship: Is It Ever the Right Call?

As most common readers will know, this blog, normally a pleasant and fairly civil place, has seen a not-so-subtle deluge from birther hordes, on account of our few posts on Orly Taitz. Thankfully, it’s also brought in a lot of inoffensive readers, and some great commenters, too. Welcome! Of course that leaves the question of […]

Where Conservapedia Went Wrong – From the Inside

Flash – Conservapedia is intolerable. Even for creationists & conservatives. Or so writes Philip J. Rayment, ex-administrator and Australian creationist, in his tell-most web memoir. There he documents the double standards, factual relativism, and bizarrely churlish behavior that have made Conservapedia not just a failure in its own right, but a macrosm of the failures […]

Short Note: Last Vestige of Sanity Departs Conservapedia

Yesterday, Conservapedia lost its last claim to sanity when Philip J. Rayment, longtime administrator, resigned, saying only “enough is enough.” Philip was for some time the only administrator who even entertained the idea that non-fundamentalist Christians were human. For those of us who briefly had an account on Conservapedia back in the day, he was […]

Conservapedia Has a YouTube Channel!

Good news, everyone! Conservapedia, the “trusworthy” encyclopedia, now has its very own YouTube channel! Now you can look forward to more gems like this little wonder: From Andy Schlafly comparing “liberals” to lynch mobs, to Conservapedians bragging about their site outpacing Rush Limbaugh’s (o rly?), this channel clearly promises to be the gift that keeps […]