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Cultural Leadership

Rick Warren, the halfway-liberal evangelist briefly involved in the President’s inauguration, offers two tweets on cultural leadership, for those who believe the task can (and should) be undertaken: Politics is always downstream from the source of culture. By the time a law is proposed, the water’s already contaminated. If you’re serious about changing culture, start […]

The Social Gospel and “Economic Liberty,” Such as It Is

A few Washington Post columnists started a thoroughly unproductive fight about whether the Bible “mandates,” or encourages, a “socialist” form of government. Both sides are wrong, in a few ways. First, both are using the word “socialist” to mean “redistributivist,” but the two are by no means equal. Let’s use the proper definition: though the tea […]

Theocratic Constitutionalism & the Hollowness of Republican “Freedom”

How disconcerting to have one’s Christian name used as a Twitter tag to describe the aspirations of seven men and one woman, none of whom will ever be President. Still, yesterday’s debate gave a fairly good idea of what each candidate means when they use words like “liberty” or “freedom,” and expressions like “states’ rights.” […]

Heed the Words of the Converted

Setting aside the fact that this Reverend Graham, and indeed all Reverends Graham, are reprehensible fools, isn’t he actually correct, that President Obama was born a Msulim? I think he is, but it doesn’t matter. Jesus of Nazareth was born (and died) a Jew;  St. Paul was born Saul of Tarsus, again a Jew; St. Augustine, […]

Faith, Science and Allegories in James Cameron’s Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar is a good movie — but as a paean to a path we forsook long ago, it’s anything but subtle, and its approach to race may even be a little troubling, for the simplistic sort of apology it contains. Should we, as a race, feel personally guilty for the sins of our […]

Selfishness & the “War on Christmas”

This time last year, I argued that the right wing’s annual announcement of a “War on Christmas,” in which we hear about the evils of saying “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” betrays their own conception of the holiday, and the best part of the entire season, by instigating unnecessary conflict, rather than actually striving […]

Dishonest Fear Mongering on Seventh Circuit Nominee David Hamilton

Still convinced that they matter, the far right, from RedState to NRO, are rallying to oppose District Judge David Hamilton, whose appointment to the Seventh Circuit is now pending before the Senate. One part of their argument is that Judge Hamilton previously forbade sectarian prayer in the Indiana legislature, but offered to construe prayers to […]

While We’re on the Subject of Atonement…

In case you missed either show, on Tuesday’s Colbert Report, Stephen mocked Pat Robertson’s son for asking Christians to celebrate the Jewish high holidays, like Rosh Hashanah (l’shanah tovah, incidentally!). Robertson said he just “didn’t know” why we stopped celebrating them! He could’ve asked me. Shortly after Jesus’ death, early Christians sough to codify the […]

Michele Bachmann Loves Her Some God in Government

Yesterday, I wrote about Michele Bachmann (one of my most favoritest subjects of all times, really and truly), her new paranoid fascination with re-education camps, and her nonexistent record on assisting her constiuents in a district that leads her state and the nation in foreclosures.  I referenced a Minnesota Independent article that says (bold mine): Bachmann’s […]