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Fourth Time’s the Charm

Doesn’t the right-wing’s favorite new discovery — that Obama called off the raid on Bin Laden three times, before finally committing U.S. forces to the historic mission — better support a theory of his agency? If Obama did something more than just say “go” the minute the battle plan crossed his desk, if (for example) he decided […]

Derrick Bell and Andrew Breitbart: the Return of Identity Politics, and Blaming the Victim

Per Andrew Breitbart — who, and this is a rare sentiment for me, I think the world is probably better off without — Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity attempt to push a Jeremiah Wright for 2012, in the form of the late law professor Derrick Bell. The allegedly incriminating footage shows then-law student Obama embracing […]

Chemistry, Timing, and the Transformative Presidency

Certainly without knowing it, President Obama, in this pre-inaugural picture plucked from the New York Times, manages to pull off a fair impression of the famous classical statue, the Augustus of the Primaporta, matching almost perfectly the second Caesar’s raised arm, held either to indicate a more prosperous future and recovery from Rome’s century of civil […]

“The Best Lack All Conviction…”

President Obama’s question-and-answer session, following his speech at the University of Maryland, sets out a fairly effective counter-narrative to the Republican approach to this most recent budget-hostage situation. If you’ve missed it, here are some points worth hearing, and repeating, because Lord knows, the “liberal media” won’t cover it themselves. First, extremism is a personal issue […]

President Obama’s Origin Story, and the Power of the Personal Narrative

When John McCain’s presidential campaign released the “Celebrity” ad — which attempted to equate candidate Obama with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, by dint of nothing more than the Senator’s popularity — we knew that the rational, bipartisan John McCain, the one who truly would put “country first” and in some part deserved the presidency, was […]

“Bill, Man, I Know Football”

From an interview that otherwise, too, reinforces the President’s normalness, against a discourse that does its damnedest to make him into something alien.

They’ll Like Us When We Win

A non-trivial bounce following the Democratic Congress’ late-term passage of the compromise tax plan, New START, and the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal. As succinct a statement of political momentum as you’ll ever find. Sometimes, just accomplishing something is enough.

Imaginary Assassins

I missed this earlier, but another of Glenn Beck’s Saturday stunts rips from the classic annals of demagoguery: Making a show of fear for one’s own safety dramatically conjures the specter of enemies, even if they don’t actually exist. This was, again, a stunt used to great effect by Augustus after he assumed sole mastery […]

Facebook’s “Recommended Pages” Crosses a Line

Oh my. 

Obama, America’s Most Successful Modern Counterterror President, “Wins the Morning”

When Politico starts to note what might’ve gone wrong, it’s best to remember what didn’t — in two consecutive terrorist incidents, now, despite initial setbacks, local authorities have foiled terror plots and caught their man, with the help of federal officials. And in the first case, despite being washed through the “liberal” criminal justice system, […]