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Un-Common White Angst

Fox News’ latest jihad against the rapper Common is a creation of such spectacular idiocy that it really deserves a monument of some kind. Jon Stewart’s takedown of the whole thing — which Bill O’Reilly basically concedes, but then strives to cover up with a smug tone and some handwaving — is probably as good a one […]

Feminism & the Light of Other Days

This may be an odd post for what turns out to be International Womens’ Day (oops!), but I think it’s nonetheless important. So here we go. I’m generally a fan of political correctness, which I understand as little more than the noncontroversial proposition that we ought to speak civilly to each other, and be mindful […]

What Republican Majorities Do

Scream about controversial artwork. Nothing else. All of this has happened before; and all of this will happen again.

Common Cause

I hoped I’d never have to write this post. But my God, Ross Douthat is close to right about something. Last week, South Park, in its inexorable quest to offend, sometimes for its own sake, sometimes to educate, met its match, when fringe elements of Islam threatened violence if the series was allowed to depict […]

Adventures in Fair Use: Mormon Revisionist Art Edition

Remember the painting from this morning’s post, which basically took a hatchet to American history to produce a massively distorted piece of propaganda-art? Well, the good news is, someone’s corrected the subtitles: thank you, Shortpacked. As a useful thought experiment, consider whether this is “fair use.” The author has appropriated the entire image — as […]

This Week in Art

Jon McNaughton‘s new painting — “One Nation Under God,” a heavy-handed symbolic work depicting all of American history bowing before Jesus, holding the Constitution — contains some important insights, chief among them that Jesus is Isildur’s heir (comparison, right). The resemblance was always uncanny, but they even got the branches right (“Seven stars and / […]

How Glenn Beck Stole Yom Kippur

From Glenn Beck’s Twitter account — “2morrow my family will b fasting & praying 4 the Country & it’s leaders.Please join us. No better day than Day of Atonement?” Apparently, Beck dreams of a day when Americans nationwide — be they fundamentalist Christians, Mormons, or tea party “patriots” — will co-opt others religions’ holidays and […]

Patronage, Politics, and Art: a First Glimpse at the NEA Micro-Scandal

Although it’s not receiving much press, most likely owing to its complexity and deep factual record, right-wing outlets broke yesterday the “story” that elements of the Obama administration had discussed organizing and funding art to support the President’s agenda. The truth is more complicated — but we’ll get to that. Not to belabor the “Roman […]

Abortion, Bongs, Jesus, and the Right Wing’s Continued Inconsistency on Speech Rights

Imagine, if you will, that you suddenly find yourself a federal appellate judge. Congratulations! Thirsty? Law Clerk #2– two mocha frappucinos, and make it snappy! Much better. Now that we’re both hydrated, let’s take a look at the docket. Today we have two cases, both appeals from adverse judgments. In the first, we have High […]

Remainders: Enjoy Your Weekend

Short things you shouldn’t miss: Michelangelo’s first. painting. ever. is at the Met Museum. If you’re in New York city, you know what to do. Twitter continues to be a liability to Republican Congressman. Did you know Iranian protests are basically the same thing as tea parties, and Nancy Pelosi is basically the same as […]