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Yesterday, some scam site called let me know that “” would be coming available soon – and asked me to pay $97 to park it and use it for this site. NEVER, I said! Upon hearing that the domain had become available, though, I went through a domain parking service and bought the chance […]

Our Current CSS Sheet

If you have any recommendations to enhance readability, and know your CSS, we’d appreciate your help! The current sheet is below the line:

We’ve Moved Servers!

UPDATE: Move complete! We’re now 100% hosted on, which means stability, for one, among other wonderful things. To help us rebuild our statistics here, please visit us and tell your friends – we’ll appreciate it! – and link, as our Technorati authority is still split between two different but equivalent sites. Bummer. A few […]

Today’s Afternoon Post … Delayed Until Tomorrow

I got side-tracked responding to some great commentary by reader, Arabesque, who, responding to my post yesterday on Nebraska senator, Ben Nelson, raises some terrific points about health-care reform. Please check out the conversation. At the very least, I hope it gets the grey-matter juices flowing, if not the outrage. The U.S. health-care system is […]

The Banks Stressed? Fuhgeddaboudit!

This week, the Obama Administration and Wall Street successfully negotiated exactly how much it will cost to restore a warm and fuzzy feeling to the domestic economy: $75 billion. (That includes the cost to ship a rainbow-colored unicorn to every American household!) The stress tests were a nice exercise meant to make everyone — especially […]

Coulter’s Creationism: a Virulent Mix of Ignorance & Sexism

Yesterday, “Politico” gave a brief run-down of Ann Coulter’s Monday-night showdown at Radio City Music Hall with Bill Maher. Those who were there, though, will notice that they left out a good number of highlights. After trotting out a twenty-year-old editorial to suggest that liberals should somehow be estopped (no apologies for lawyer-speak) from protesting […]

While Rome Burns…

Thanks to Didionsmommy for taking over the site for the weekend while I was on vacation – it almost feels wrong to take a vacation while the rest of the country is in such dire peril, but hey, maybe that sector of the economy is in even more dire need of stimulation…? That’s what I’ll […]

Joe the Plumber is Neither Joe… Nor a Plumber

McCain’s latest campaign gimmick, who curiously toes the party line, isn’t a registered plumber, nor was he “undecided,” and it’s pretty clear he’s in the tank for the Republicans. Oh, and he’s a tax cheat. Do the Republicans vet anyone these days? While we’re on the subject of Sarah Palin, Joe’s already had more press […]

No Affirmative Action for the Willfully Ignorant: UC System Refuses Credit for Christian Classes

“Christian education” has fallen from its former medieval grandeur – where Christian research of the classics was the only education – to become little more than a way of training the next generation of culture warriors and attaching the appropriate intellectual blinders, rather than broadening students’ minds (intensely footnoted… starting here). ((As Hanna Rosin demonstrated […]

Mount Soledad’s Cross: Religious Monuments Revisited

California courts have been nothing but trouble lately: this time, they’re playing with the first amendment’s establishment clause, and the intersection between religion and public monuments. Last Tuesday, Judge Burns of the Southern District of California ruled that a 43-foot tall cross on top of Mount Soledad was a secular monument to “military service, death […]