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“Call Me: Orly Taitz … Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Tooth, Legal, and Shelter Related”

As loyal readers … or anyone who happened to see Monday afternoon’s post knows, our fearless leader is feverishly preparing himself for a two-day stint in Chelsea next week, where he will dazzle and amaze the New York State Board of Law Examiners with a singularly brilliant performance on his bar examination. I am sure […]

A Perfect World, Stephen Colbert, and the Wimpitude that is the Rest of American Journalism

(How fortunate we are Stephen Colbert is around to accompany us down the rabbit hole. It’s nice not to be alone amidst the sick, sad absurdity of it all.) UPDATE* [8:50 a.m., EDT]: To add a little more clarity, pay attention to what Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director and Chief White House Correspondent, says […]

When You Hear “The Family,” Don’t Think Charles Manson, Think Rich, Delusional, Fundamentalist, Christian Safe House in Washington

Why am I not surprised to learn there is a fundamentalist Christian “club” offering safe haven, counsel, and political strategy to tarnished GOP members of Congress (and one Latina-loving Republican governor). They call themselves “the Family,” and reporter Jeff Sharlet has written a piece for Salon (published yesterday) highlighting the Family’s role in providing accommodations […]

News Flash! After Aborting All U.S. Babies, Liberals Want to Force Old Geezers to Off Themselves

You know us crazy liberals: We’re not satisfied until we have coerced a million doe-eyed college co-eds into abortion clinics to wrench their babies from their wombs. Apparently, too, we aren’t satisfied until the federal government goes in and tricks grandma and grandpa into committing suicide so that we can save a few bucks on […]

Iran’s Election: Not 100% Free, But Not 100% Sham Either

Today, Friday, Iranians went to the polls to elect their president. While early returns are not expected to be available until late Friday night (EDT), many Western observers are predicting a tough re-election bid for Ahmadinejad, some going so far as to say reform candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi can win a first ballot majority, negating […]

BREAKING!!! Senate Approves H.R. 1256: FDA Will Have Oversight Over Big Tobacco Once and For All

After two decades of arguing that nicotine is neither a drug nor addictive … that cigarettes didn’t cause cancer … that hooking kids wasn’t part of their long-term marketing plans, Big Tobacco finally had to take it and like it, literally, moments ago when the Senate voted 79-17, approving H.R. 1256, which provides the FDA […]

In Bed Together: Insurance and Big Tobacco … and You’re Out on the Couch

From Scientific American last week (Their links, my bold): Health and life insurance companies in the US and abroad have nearly $4.5 billion invested in tobacco stocks, according to Harvard doctors. “It’s the combined taxidermist and veterinarian approach: either way you get your dog back,” says David Himmelstein, an internist at the Harvard Medical School […]

He’s Baaaaack … God in Government … Courtesy of Michele Bachmann, et al.

In early April I wrote about several Christian-God-laden bills that pop up in consecutive congresses and languish in committee only to be reintroduced next go-round in the hopes that one day enough members of the House and Senate are saved and God can finally reach his righteous place in American government: front and center. Well, […]

Trying to Figure Out What the Heck Is Happening in Health-Care Reform

It ain’t easy trying to keep track of all of the committee hearings that have taken place over the last 1-1/2 months in both the Senate and the House and all of the articles that have followed the maneuverings of this special interest versus that in the health-care debate, but here are some broad strokes. […]

Today’s Afternoon Post … Delayed Until Tomorrow

I got side-tracked responding to some great commentary by reader, Arabesque, who, responding to my post yesterday on Nebraska senator, Ben Nelson, raises some terrific points about health-care reform. Please check out the conversation. At the very least, I hope it gets the grey-matter juices flowing, if not the outrage. The U.S. health-care system is […]