Submitted to a Candid World draws its title from the Declaration of Independence, where Thomas Jefferson closes his introduction by noting that the history of King George’s conduct towards the colonies ought to be “submitted to a candid world” for judgment.

The animating idea of the site is that progressive ideals have a strong confluence with the Founders’ intentions for America, but have unfortunately been ignored over the past decade, with disastrous results. In urging the restoration of America’s progressive mission, we’ll:

  • Attempt to create a new, convincing, and “spinnable” way of looking at progressive theories of American government,
  • Analyze electoral and political trends,
  • Argue against the “assault on reason” and intellectual dishonesty which have characterized the past decade,
  • Push for a return to a focus on equal rights and long-term focus in government planning,
  • Fight against political rhetoric, distractions, and manufactured controversies, and, at times,
  • Create our own political spin.

We believe that our nation is not yet the “more perfect Union” which the Founders attempted to create. But, by reaffirming our commitment to equal rights for all, to peace, to reason, and to justice, we can come closer to that ideal.

We hope you enjoy, and as always, we encourage and welcome debate and comments!


Praise for Submitted to a Candid World:

  • “[S]erious political punditry… it’s too dang sensible. I expect more aggressive sneering from an elitist bastard.” -PZ Myers of Pharyngula (possibly quote mined)
  • “One of the best blogs you might not be reading. Progressive politics, but not a rant.” -PalMD of Denialism Blog
  • “Board certified progressive…. our readers can trust Ames to put wisdom and logic over partisanship.” -Progressive Conservative of The Big Stick
  • “Submitted to a Candid World is one of the best liberal blogs on the internet right now.”- Martin of The Lay Scientist
  • “[N]ot the typical ‘blathering’ from some of the other blogs and articles out there…looks more like an attorney for the Obama camp wrote this piece…”- Some Crazy Obama Denialist, commenting on Natural Born Citizen


  1. Great site. One minor quibble – can you make the left margin bigger? thanks and keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks Shredder! I’ll look into it, I don’t know much PHP but I’ll try…

  3. I love what your doing with this site…. a very nice read, and very refreshing!

    If your so inclined, I have a similar set of values and ideals I am writing about at :



  4. John Galt · · Reply

    Just don’t try to suggest you’re not biased – the Obama favicon in the header is just a bit of a giveaway!

  5. A much delayed thank you to Semiotician! I’ll make sure to check it out :). And no, I don’t make any serious claim to being completely objective…. but I do think we’re fairly moderate here!

  6. Hi, nice to meet you !

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