Romney the Content-Free Candidate: It’s a Feature, Not a Bug

Ben Domenech is a former low-level speechwriter for George W. Bush’s cabinet, and a plagiarist.  He’s also one of the leading voices of the conservative blog network. Here’s what he has to say about Mitt Romney’s debate performance tonight:

Considering that President Obama is up against it in the polls, I expect him to pull rank on more than one topic area, confident in his abilities on foreign policy and Mitt Romney’s relatively slim resume in the arena. Romney will attempt to use this vagueness, as in so many other policy areas, to his advantage – there’s no need to offer a coherent view on these matters. Just criticize Obama’s steps from all directions, and suggest you’d do something different, usually by using different words or a different tone with different people pursuing essentially the same policies. If Romney can avoid any obvious gaffes of significant proportion, I expect more Americans tomorrow morning to be discussing Game 7 of the NLCS or Monday Night Football. And really, can you blame them? Even the politically addicted have election fatigue at this point. And for a president who needs a momentum shift, that’s not a good thing.

Domenech’s analysis comes in his subscribers-only weekday email blast, The Transom. A lead analyst conceding that Romney doesn’t need ideas to win, and that he should actually avoid them — can we consider this Domenech’s “47%” moment?

Violent criticism without any idea of what to do differently. How representative of the last four years, and how perfect a capstone for the campaign.


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  1. Why, it’s Box Turtle Ben Domenech.
    How ya doin’, Ben?

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