The Last Willie Horton Election

Sullivan’s Daily Dish collects comments explaining Romney’s complete reliance on mobilizing a near-unprecedented 61%+ of the white vote… and why it won’t every be possible again.

The Romney-Republican strategy is the dark side of the older Republican strategy: the Reagan of hardline conservative Pat Buchanan rather than of public relations man Michael Deaver. It could still work in November 2012—because of Obama’s weakness among the electorate. But it won’t lay the basis for a new Republican majority. If anything, it will guarantee the Republicans’ defeat in the decade to come.

Count this as another prediction that a Romney/Ryan loss would be an epoch-changer, triggering either the Republican Party’s reinvention, or its death cycle. As we’ve said, either way we can at least expect some improvement over the last four years of mindless obstruction, and an end to the race-baiting tactics that drew Chris Matthews’ justified anger.


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  1. Holy shit, Chris Matthews did something right? Truly, the end times are upon us.

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