Mississippi Does the Right Thing for Once

Mississippi voted down a constitutional amendment to declare that fetuses are persons as of the moment of conception. Good! Remember, these sorts of things are just all kinds of unconstitutional. Congratulations then to Mississippi’s taxpayers, for avoiding the inevitable, expensive, necessary, but avoidable litigation that would’ve resulted.



  1. Where’s Mike to argue with about abortion when you need him?

    1. I think Mike got a little bent out of shape by another post here a while back.

    2. I think that’s right, but I don’t remember why. Over Occupy Wall Street? And it’s odd considering we talk extrinsically or on his own blag. Hmm.

      1. Guys,
        I think Mike would actually agree that even this pushes things too far. Which would account for his lack of being baited by this comment thread (which baiting is, in and of itself, proof of some of the things he holds dispositive about this blog).

        1. I disagree that this is “baiting” — it ties back to a post about the legality of state constitutions that conflict with the federal Constitution. That sort of legal issue is at the heart of this blag, regardless of is politics.

        2. Aside from the fact that 45% of voters apparently found the amendment perfectly fine; that in itself would make it worth a brief comment, I think.

          Also, not to be a nitpicker, but I don’t think “dispositive” means what you think it does. ;-)

    3. I could argue abortion. Except I agree with the winners on this ballot measure. So…

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