So I Changed Everything. Again.

Here’s a new theme, just because. Well, actually, I have reasons. The red tones in the old one struck me as a bit negative, and I’m feeling optimistic. So, cherry blossoms, and other things! Please let me know what you think by commenting on this — or the most recent post — or emailing!


  1. The top banner is nice, but I’m not fond of the three-column design on the front page. Leaves too little room for the actual content, which should otherwise be the main attraction. Having two columns of links and stuff makes the whole thing feel slightly lopsided, so I’d collect it in just one column if possible and let the content fill out the rest. The “Archives” widget in particular feels a bit too dominant right there in the centre of the page.

    There’s a section called “Updates” on the main page which feels sort of orphaned, because there are no links to the original posts.

    I’d move the “About” link up with the green links beneath the search box so you have all that stuff in the same place.

    There’s both a green “Subscribe” link and an orange “Subscribe to RSS” link just beneath it which seem to do the same thing.

    You got a section headline (“Home”, “About”, etc.) hovering over the left part of the top banner, which looks somewhat awkward.

    And now we’re getting into complete nitpicking, but I’d get rid of the period in the “Democracy in America” subtitle unless there’s a reason why it’s there. (Logos and such generally shouldn’t have punctuation.)

    1. Good advice! I’m working on pulling the “About” from the top…………. but I don’t know if it’s possible. And your point about maximizing content, I’m not sure that I don’t agree. I guess it forces you to click the top link, and I sort of enjoy the way it can be keyed to spotlight a few favorite recent posts. Let me think about it :)

      1. The Structure theme does the two columns and title article a lot nice, but has bolder geometric look to it. The about is part of the menu, you could always add to it have popular topic cats along the top.

      2. Yeah, I’ll probably get used to the columns in a week or so anyway.

  2. Didn’t show up in mobile format when I loaded it on my Droid after you swapped. Any idea why that might be? I mean, besides your membership in the iCult.

    1. I’d recommend changing your browser agent to “desktop”. This site shows up fine on my Android.

      1. Huh? What’s that and how do I do it on a Droid X running Froyo?

        1. A browser agent (or browser string) is what websites use to identify the browser you use, so they can serve up the appropriate version of a webpage. The Android browser is set to “mobile” by default, which kicks you to an appropriately neutered version of everything.

          To change this (assuming you’re using the default Android browser, and that Motorola or Verizon haven’t rearranged things):
          1) open your phone’s browser,
          2) hit Menu key
          3) tap “More”
          4) tap “Settings
          5) tap “User agent”
          6) select “Desktop”
          7) You’re done! Back out of the settings menus and surf away.

          This works with 95% of sites out there, though a handful *glares at* will still boot you to their mobile site.

  3. I like this new theme better, Marius.

    The previous one squashed replies-to-replies in increasingly narrow columns. It made them hard to read and it looked awful, to boot. This new one is a great improvement.

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