Can Hard Work, Alone, Pay Your Way Through College?

Signs point to no — the anonymous subject of a popularly-circulated Facebook picture, who claims to be “about to graduate completely debt free” based only on her own hard work, is either lying, or has rich parents. Living within your means and working hard for an education are both good ideas, but even together, that’s not enough to guarantee economic stability. Personal responsibility is one thing. But none of us who make it make it on our own.



  1. Dick Turpis · ·

    If it’s the same image I’ve been seeing, he/she does claim to have received scholarships covering 90% of tuition (at a cheaper, state school). Still, no idea of the veracity of the statement, but it is possible. Of course, since competition for scholarships is intense, it does sort of defeat the argument that if you have college debt (or don’t make $250,000 a year, as the sign seems to say) it’s your fault. Clearly there are not enough scholarships available to cover 90% of everyone.

  2. Right — and apparently not many schools even offer 90% rides. The school in the image, for example, does not.

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