iPhone Metaphysics

Today wound up being fairly busy, so in lieu of something more political, I encourage those of you with iPhones to take this common error screen as life advice. Our past mistakes made us who we are today so, there’s nothing to undo. Alternately, live life well, so that there’s nothing to undo. Sage little devices, these.



  1. See also, Strongbad’s take:

    (YouTube version so it’s iPhone friendly!)

  2. “You know what our policy is on running out of cell phone battery, right?”
    “Uh, what is it?”
    “We don’t.”
    — Discussion between campaign office manager and a new hire, October 2008

    Looks like you’re almost in violation of the rule.

    1. Only because SOMEONE (me) took with him on a walk to Battery Park during Hurricane Irene.

      (It was totally worth it.)

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